In Villerville, this tradition has been kept alive since 1896. The streets of the city are decorated with fishing nets to bless the sea and celebrate sailors and fishermen lost at sea.

The celebrations start in the morning with a religious ceremony held at the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church, also attended by flag-bearers and veterans. The traditional music parade crossing the streets of the village is joined by children and enjoyed by people passing by. To the sound of bagpipes, little sailors lining up in single file are proud to carry about twenty boat models, lent by the Société des marins de Honfleur, and head for the sea. Once reached the dyke, the officials invite inhabitants and visitors to observe a minute of silence and then to offer a wreath of flowers to the sea. The sound of the horn coming from offshore boats accompanies the sea blessing. Concerts and activities are held during the rest of the day to pay tribute to seafarers.

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