Friday, April 7th SCHOOL DAY
Literature is the ideal place to discover, share and get initiated to the world and its different cultures. Since its creation, the Books & Music Festival has been committed to make book access easier for the public, and especially for students. Words and notes are invited to classrooms, attending nursery school to high school, throughout the year. This project, carried out with their teachers, results in a day entirely dedicated to students: about 3,000 students, from nursery school to high school, gather in Deauville to share, during a meeting, a great and privileged time with the invited artists.

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Program of the Day: Teenager Prize, a musical show and tens of meetings and workshops… Many are the formats and issues covered for 3-18 year-olds, keeping at the heart of debates the passion for books and love for music!

In 2017, children will travel to Haiti to discover the Creole culture with “La Compagnie Tropique du Cancer”.
To the other side of the Atlantic Sea, there’s a large archipelago, at the crossroads of maritime routes linking Europe, Africa and America. That’s how the Antilles formed: a warm, multicoloured and turbulent area, in which Creole identity spreads from north to south. Moonlight Benjamin, an extraordinary singer from Haiti, shares the intensity of her childhood stories. To the sound of cuatro and steel drums, the public can follow the adventures of Mabouya, the small lizard trying to understand from where he comes and where he is going. Humour and social satire combine in the most authentic Antillean tradition, not forgetting, behind their festive spirit, the bad time of slavery and colonization.

This day is reserved to schools.

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Teenager Prize

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A currently in preparation large program for all ages, from nursery school to high school. Workshops and meetings will take place at the International Centre of Deauville and at the Villa Le Cercle in an area dedicated to young readers, in the presence of publishing houses, children and teenager’s bookshops, authors and illustrators.