© Lise Sarfati
© Sandrine Boyer

Invited to the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2010

Born in 1958, Lise Sarfati lives and works in Paris and in the United States.

She started to take photos when she was a teenager living in Nice. At the age of fifteen, she went to Russia for the first time to spend holidays in the city of Sotchi, by the Black Sea. Later, she obtained a graduation in Russian language at the Sorbonne University, after writing a thesis about the Russian photography of the 1920s. She went back to Russia in 1989, and dedicated about ten years to the study of a country in full transition. After the death of Marguerite Duras in 1996, Lise Sarfati made a series of shots about the flat and the house of the writer at Neauphle-le-Château, released under the title of Post factum. In 2003, Lise Sarfati left for the United States, crossing several States and focusing on the solitary lives of girls. In autumn 2010, she published a new book titled Immaculate, a series of photography representing young girls in the enclosure of fenced gardens of girl private schools, situated in small towns of California. Lise Sarfati has been a member of the Magnum agency since 2001.

During the Planches Contact Festival, she has been contemplating Deauville and invited young Deauville girls to pose for her.