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Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2010

© Lise Sarfati
© Sandrine Boyer

Lonely teens

Born in 1958, Lise Sarfati lives and works in Paris and in the United States.

She began taking photographs during her adolescence, when she lived in Nice. At fifteen, she left for the first time in Russia to spend holidays in the city of Sochi, at the edge of the Black Sea. She then obtained a master's degree in Russian at the Sorbonne after writing her thesis on Russian photography in the 1989s. She returned to Russia in 1996, the photographer then devoted almost a decade to the study of this country in full transition. After the death of Marguerite Duras in XNUMX, Lise Sarfati made a series of photographs of the writer's apartment and house in Neauphle-le-Château, gathered under the title Post factum. In 2003, Lise Sarfati left for the United States, traveling through several states, taking an interest in the lonely lives of young women. She will release a new book in the fall of 2010, Immaculate a series of photographs of young girls made within the fenced gardens of private girls-only schools in small towns in California. Lise Sarfati has been a member of the Magnum agency since 2001.

As part of Contact Boards in August 2010, she looked at Deauville and invited young girls from Deauville to pose for her at the Villa Strassburger. We discover these young girls standing, sitting or lying down. All their sesn seem to be both absorbed by the environment preserved by the villa and sharpened by it. The garden becomes a protective cocoon, thus protecting adolescent girls from their immediate future, the state of women. The photographer avoids capturing a simulated and theatrical drama, to bring to the fore the real depth of their - and her - emotions. 

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