Sandra Mézière is the author of two books that passionately evoke cinema, Deauville and the American Film Festival: her first novel Love in the soul and his collection of short stories about film festivals Parallel illusions (Editions of 38).

Love in the soul (novel) - Editions du 38

On May 24, 2014, in Cannes, the penultimate day of the 67th Film Festival, a young actress is found dead in the bedroom of a palace, shot in the heart. The glaring evidence leaves little doubt about the circumstances of the tragedy.
And yet ...
What happened in his life to end his existence in these tragic circumstances?
Is the key to the drama found among the people who have known her for the past four days or in her past, whose stories intertwine over childhood and at film festivals?
In this theater of vanities, this cenacle of the 7th art, this world as fascinating as cruel, the truth is complex, far removed from what it seems to be ...
 Love in the Soul is a novel with melancholy overtones, beautifully romantic, a story that intertwines mourning and impossible love, and poses a look full of questions about our human comedies.
 Love in the soul is also a declaration of love for Sandra Mézière's great passion for cinema, and for the festivals that she has been covering for many years and that she knows perfectly well, such as the American Film Festival of Deauville, the Cabourg Festival and the Cannes Festival where the characters of this first novel evolve.

The novel Love in the soul on the Official website from the publisher Les Editions du 38.

Parallel illusions (collection of short stories) - Editions du 38

Who has never dreamed that their life looks like a movie?
May his illusions become reality?
Where the border between cinema and reality is particularly tight, where destinies brush against one another like parallel shadows, here are 16 stories of encounters in the fascinating and unique universes of the film festivals of Deauville, Cannes, Monaco, Dinard, Paris, Cabourg, La Baule, Annonay, Lyon, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Beaune and even at the César ceremony.
The characters who wander between these pages, passing happily from one side to the other of the big screen, are crying out for accuracy for lack of humanity for some, and pass dreams that you have to live against the odds in the face of missed loves , secret disillusionments or frustrations that can turn destiny.
Magnificent and romantic texts, passionate, of a delicate and nevertheless incisive writing, in which Sandra Mézière sometimes cruelly drops the masks and uncompromisingly reveals the behind the scenes. Here she shares her devouring passion for cinema and the festivals she has covered for a long time and behind the scenes of which this news will take you to make you travel, shiver, dream, vibrate ... like in the cinema!

The news collection Parallel illusions on the Official website from the publisher Les Editions du 38.


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