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November 1 to 3, 2018 - Deauville International Center

"The planet food is boiling ... Today, we want to consume differently: we want good, beautiful, healthy, friendly, at different times of the day."

The concept of this new event: a gastronomic, friendly and gourmet market that brings together the finest of gastronomy around a wide pallet of exceptional products, the discovery of wines with producers from France and New World wines, regional products, a delicatessen or organic food ... but also culinary events, cocktail entertainment, chic aperitifs, wine tours ... and the presence of chefs. All of this divided into seven universes: salty groceries, delicatessen, dairy, seafood and sweet products, wines and spirits, gifts and decorative items.

Normandy will be honored through the 7 universes: salty grocery, catered products, dairy products, seafood, sweet products, wines and spirits, gifts and decorative items.

In the program :
> exhibitors, actors dedicated to gastronomy, from all over France
> many events:
- culinary shows and tastings with the Chefs of our region (Thierry Desceliers, Teddy Lepierre, Franck Dugast, Philippe Mouliné, Antoine Tarjet, and Michelin-starred Chefs Johan Thiriot and Charles Thuillant) and the Disciples Escoffier, whose morning will be entirely dedicated to them
- Battles of Chefs with tastings: two Chefs with common products but different recipes made live!
- Culinary strolls with tastings: equipped with a mobile mini kitchen, a Chef travels to the sandstone of the products and the public for the creation of gourmet recipes.

Deauville Gourmet Gourmand allows you to stock up on new and creative ideas for your recipes and to find on site the food necessary for their achievements.

© Sandrine Boyer Engel

© Sandrine Boyer Engel

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