Deauville - from August 22 to 24, 2019

Russian magic is back to Deauville! This new edition explores ballet music from the 19th century to current times. The artistic idea of the Russian Art Festival of Deauville is proposing a program combining every year the major masterpieces of the past and the remarkable creativity of current Russia.

The 2019 edition includes two extraordinary ballet evenings featuring extracts of works from the 19th century to current days. You’ll be attending legendary ballets written by Tchaïkovski, Rachmaninov and Stravinski, and the works made by contemporary Russian composers: Rodion Chtchedrine, Yuri Krasavin, Leonid Desyatnikov and Ilya Demutskiy.

The first show, scheduled on August 23, is a choreographic creation made by Artem Ovcharenko, danceur étoile at the Bolshoi theatre. He will be performing a selection of his favourite dance pieces and new works especially written for him by contemporary choreographers. The second ballet, scheduled on August 24, is titled “La Boite à Musique” and gathers the dancers of the main Russian theatres. The Ballet of the Bolchoï theatre is performed by a troupe including danseuse étoile Nina Kaptsova and étoiles: Artem Ovcharenko and Semyon Chudin, première danseuse Anna Tikhomirova, étoile Denis Savin and dancer Natalia Filina. The Mariinsky theatre (the former Kirov) will be represented by premiers danceurs Tatyana Tkachenko and Ivan Oskorbin. Stanislavski Theatre and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre are represented by two premiers danceurs: Elena Solomyanko and Innokenty Yuldashev. The constellation is completed by Maria Kochetkova - one of the étoiles of Russian and American ballets- by Sebastian Kloborg - graduate dancer of the Danish Ballet Royal, choreographer, soloist in the major theatres of the world - and by the premiers danseurs of Ballet Eifman in Saint-Pétersbourg: Oleg Gabyshev and Lyubov Andreyeva.

This year, Andreï Shmakov, chef of restaurant SAVVA and main chef of the historical hotel Metropol of Moscow, partner of the Festival, is in charge of the gourmet menu. To conceive the menu of the dinner gala organized in Deauville, Andrei Shmakov drew inspiration from the dinner served at the Metropol in 1904 in honour of Diaghilev. During dinner, the recital performed by Daria Davidova will immerse guests in the atmosphere of Diaghilev’s Seasons.

An exhibition of the works made by Nikolai Koshelev - Russian contemporary plastic artist - is accessible during the Festival. He will exhibit his new project titled “Moon Pool”- an imaginary ballet for which he has created costumes, the scenery and a stage curtain.