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The success of the summer season of 1912, marked by the opening of the Hôtel Normandy, prompted the Société des Hôtels et Casino de Deauville to provide the resort with a second palace. Eugène Cornuché, then head of this company, acquired the villa La Louisiane, built in 1861 for the Duke of Morny, to build his project, a hotel with 400 rooms, an absolute model of luxury and comfort.

The establishment was designed by the architects Théo Petit and Georges Wybo was inaugurated on July 28, 1913, ten months after the start of work.

Established according to a U-shaped plan, the building has seven levels of elevation. Built of reinforced concrete, it stands facing the sea with a monumental facade enlivened by the variety of facings (checkerboard and half-timbered) and openings.

Royal Hotel © sbe Sandrine Boyer Engel