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The weekend program at Villa Le Cercle.

© Laurent Lachèvre
© Laurent Lachèvre
© Laurent Lachèvre

In 1997, Deauville set up a real book policy with the ambition of making young people love literature - the first key to access to culture -. This then took the form of meetings, readings or writing workshops, and kept the promise of bringing words to life in sharing, making them accessible to the greatest number, bringing the book into all houses. On a base made up of demanding and unique meetings, an involved book club, teachers who play the game, the desire to go further and create a great literary meeting is born. It will be the Books & Music festival, one of the priority axes of which is to make young people love the book. The “Roulez jeunesse” program is made for that and has held its objectives since its creation.

Everything is there: salons dedicated to the villa Le Cercle, led by an experienced team, a comfortable reading area, a selection of books to browse on site, games, workshops, and many children's authors who tell, draw, illustrate ...

© Laurent Lachèvre

The whole youth program at Villa Le Cercle

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