The program of the weekend at the Villa Le Cercle.

© Laurent Lachèvre
©Laurent Lachèvre
© Laurent Lachèvre

In 1997, Deauville created a real literature policy, with the ambition of encouraging love for literature - first key of access to the culture - in young people. It was expressed through encounters, readings or writing ateliers, and kept its promise to make words live through sharing, to make it accessible to most people, to make books enter any homes. Demanding and unique meetings, a committed reading club, teachers playing their role led to the will of doing more and creating a great literary event. It’s the Books & Music Festival. One of its main axes is making young people love books. The Program « Roulez jeunesse » has this objective and meets this need since its creation.

You’ll find anything: fairs dedicated to the Villa Le Cercle, organized by a team of experts, a comfortable reading area, a selection of books to flip through on-site, games, ateliers, several youth literature authors that tell, draw, illustrate...

© Laurent Lachèvre

All the youth events at the La Villa Le Cercle

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