Christophe Rosenberg

Guest of the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Musician and improviser, playing sax, flute, WX7 and drums, composer and sound expert, Christophe Rosenberg is an educational coordinator at the Cité de la musique-Philharmonie de Paris, in charge of new technologies and amplified music, artistic director of CDs inserted into the albums of short stories of the music museum, published by Actes sud Junior, and sound engineer.  At the “Education and Ressources” Hub, he has been coordinating since 1999 the activities of studio-sound of the Cité de la musique-Philharmonie de Paris, whose specific feature is collective transmission. He organizes workshops for the public, and contributes to the creation of multimedia dossiers. Supervisor of the recordings of the collection “Traditions chantées”, Christophe Rosenberg is also a trainer for teachers, music teachers and music amateurs or professionals. He works for the cultural centre of the Abbaye de Noirlac as a trainer and organizer of educational workshops. He regularly participates to several projects combining music and poetry. He is a musician and composer associating acoustic and electronic instruments to an electroacoustic approach. In 2014, he has composed musical plays for the TV program "La bande passante" on RFI. He plays in several groups made of 2 or more people playing experimental music to variety music, from African music (Reunion Island, the West Indies, Cape Verde, Senegal, Cameron) to jazz, from rock to funk.