In the 1930s, photographer Roger Schall (1904- 1995) participated to the media revolution that led to the birth of illustrated press. He was one of the first users of the Rolleiflex camera and its squared images. He was one of the best French photo reporters at the time. He frequently worked for: VU, Match, L’Illustration, Marie-Claire, … he discovered Deauville in 1934 and took several rigorous pictures of the town, up to 1950. Some of these pictures are still unknown.

Roger Schall
Baigneurs acrobates sur la plage de Deauville été 1934 © Roger Schall
Maurice Chevalier au Bar du Soleil de Deauville été 1934 © Roger Schall

When Lucien Vogel, director of the VU magazine called him, Roger Schall went to Deauville for the first time. It was summer 1934. He started to know the habits and activities of this city. He explored the beach during the day, together with bathers, children, celebrities and elegant characters. He attended gala dinners and experienced the atmosphere of the casino at night. He attended car elegance contests, yearling races and sales, golf matches, and clay pigeon shooting sessions. He also strode along the yacht basin observing the ships’ flags and assisted to the activities of the Deauville Yacht Club. He was one of the few photographers assisting to the religious parades of August 15. Report photographers preceding him were rarely able to represent so many different and complementary aspects of Deauville. In May 1935, Roger Schall was the only photographer to be invited by the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique to the inaugurating journey of the Normandie liner. As soon as he came back from the Unites States, he went to Deauville, seduced by the activities taking place there, then again in summer 1935, then in 1936 to discover the first summer of paid vacation leave in Deauville.

Maurice Chevalier au Bar du Soleil de Deauville été 1934 © Roger Schall


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This original exhibition created for Planche(s) Contact 2018, is held in the open air, on the beach of Deauville. It includes 25 large format photos printed on 3-m-high structures. These photos, mostly unknown and never published before, were taken in Deauville from 1934 to 1950.

An exhibition conceived by Philippe Normand, Artistic Director of Planche(s) Contact 2018, in collaboration with Jean-Frédéric Schall, son of the photographer.