Green Road Trip: 5 experiences to disconnect

On the paths of a forest, in the wetlands of a marsh or in the heart of an eco-domain, you gain height, savor the silence, listen to the song of birds for a homecoming. Observing the flora and fauna at the Marais de Blonville-Villers, discovering the virtues of spirulina, having lunch with a 100% vegetable dish and sleeping in a teepee are some of the unusual and authentic experiences that we have selected for you to discover inDeauville under another day. A new, more responsible way to travel, where you take the time to enjoy and recharge your batteries.

1. Stroll at Calouste Gulbenkian Park


On the heights of Bénerville-sur-Mer, the Calouste Gulbenkian Enclosure Park offers a parenthesis of tranquility in a corner of charm and greenery of 33 hectares. Owned by businessman Calouste Gulbenkian in 1937, he called on the famous landscape architect Achille Duchêne who mixed both the classic style of French gardens with geometrically arranged flowerbeds, the more natural layout of the gardens in the English or Italian style with its pointed yews and its balustrades. Far from having lost its splendor, the garden is full of rare essences with multiple scents and combines different atmospheres conducive to meditation.

2. Observe nature at the Marais de Blonville-Villers


Le Blonville-Villers Marsh, it is 110 hectares of wet meadows, canals and ditches, an ecological wealth protected in part by the Conservatoire du Littoral and a natural area endowed with an incomparable fauna and flora. In its meadows grow hygrophilous plants such as phragmites, rushes and sedges. Birds, white storks, amphibians and reptiles are some of the species that you will observe in their natural environment during your guided tour. Depending on the season, a discovery is particularly highlighted (birth of ducklings in spring, orchids in May, amphibians in summer).

For children, the marsh is discovered while having fun with Coâa the frog ! From 5 years old, they become little apprentice researchers by learning to observe aquatic animals with a magnifying glass, birds in binoculars and to smell the odors of different plants.

3. Go hiking


Hiking is traveling at your own pace. On the heights of Mont-Canisy, in the heart of the stud farms of Saint-Pierre-Azif, in the wooded lands of Tourgéville or on the greenway between Saint-Arnoult and Deauville, we have selected for you the most beautiful routes and trails to discover the augeron landscape. Local flora and fauna, heritage, hedged farmland and history… We take our time, get some fresh air and admire the different facets of the inDeauville territory.


 The hiking trails here 

4. Admire the landscapes by kayak


Forget the zodiacs, shuttles and other motorboats. Concerned about the environment, kayaking is THE ideal nautical sport for sailing as close to the coast and isolated places while preserving nature. With Concept Sport Emotion, paddle in fresh water and admire the augeron landscapes down the Touques river on an 8 km route between Pont-l'Evêque and Saint-Martin-aux-Chartrains. Views of the sea, contemplate the wild beauty of cliffs of Roches Noires while kayaking. This natural space is of international importance for the wintering of oystercaters. Other species of shorebirds (curlews, sandpipers, knights) come to feed on molluscs, bivalves and worms on mussels as soon as they are discovered by the tide. The route starts east of Trouville-sur-Mer for almost four kilometers to Villerville.

The Roches Noires

5. Dive into the world of spirulina


Micro-algae with nutritious properties, rich in proteins, iron and antioxidants to strengthen immunity and vitality, spirulina contains a wealth of nutrients beneficial for health. TheBouquetot eco-domain has even dedicated a farm to him and regularly organizes guided tours there. Benefits, harvest, manufacturing methods… spirulina will no longer hold any secrets for you. To learn how to consume it, it is possible to participate in a “Kiff your spiru” workshop during which you will harvest fresh spirulina, prepare recipes and eat the preparations. An unusual 100% immersive experience accessible to all, adults and children.

Where to eat ?


Picnic under the apple trees

What could be better than celebrating the arrival of sunny days by picnicking under the apple trees? Every summer, the Manor of Apreval, a family-owned cider estate, offers baskets of country picnics with local and artisanal products in a green setting. Respecting a short circuit approach, the basket specialties come from producers located less than 20 km around. The baskets are garnished with terrine, cheeses, bread baked in a wood fire, fruit and vegetables, artisanal caramels and, of course, cider, calvados and pommeau for adults or apple juice. A lunch to share among the orchards on a table or in the grass on a tablecloth in the shade of the apple trees of the domain.

Lunch overlooking the sea

15 minutes from Deauville, the picturesque village of Villerville seduces with its streets lined with tall, colorful and narrow houses and its more intimate atmosphere than its neighboring town. On the heights, the hotel-restaurant LE Bellevue invite you to escape on its flowered and wooded terrace with a panoramic view of the sea. Savor a "locavore" cuisine, made of fresh seasonal products while contemplating the sparkle of the water below.

Picnic under the apple trees at the Manoir d'Apreval © Vincent Rustuel
Picnic under the apple trees at the Manoir d'AprevalVincent Rustuel
The Bellevue Restaurant
Flowered terrace with sea view at the restaurant of the hotel Le Bellevue ***Le Bellevue Hotel

Sleeping in nature: unusual and ecological


Adventure and comfort in a teepee

Take a forest bath and settle in a teepee! Traditional habitat of the American plains Indians, Levaltipis has built its teepees using natural materials recognized for their low impact on the environment. The wood comes from the forest of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, the cotton fabrics are woven by a local craftsman and the sawdust makes up the dry toilets. You will enjoy your night there in the middle of nature, in the heart of a 3 hectare arboretum made up of more than 2000 species of trees, at the edge of the forest. A completely atypical way of life and accommodation to share as a couple, with family, with friends and even in a group. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Under the stars in a cabin perched in the trees

Who has not dreamed of one day sleeping with their heads in the stars? The huts of Noctam'bulles are ideal for sleeping peacefully in the heart of the Bouquetot eco-domain and communing with nature. Nightingale, chickadee, sparrowhawk, red throat ... Each cabin bears the name of a bird, themselves comfortably installed high in the trees. Perched between 7m and 25m in height, you will first have to climb the steps of a staircase before finding yourself facing a suspension bridge: last step of your ascent before reaching your cozy nest. When you get up in the morning, the breakfast basket is attached to the end of the rope: all you have to do is hoist it up on the terrace.

LevaltipisTeepee Larix
The Noctam'bullesThe Noctam'bulles

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