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© Sandrine Boyer
© Willy Rizzo

1949: Willy Rizzo reporting in Deauville

For the first time since the war, the players, actors and actresses, the atmosphere and the restored decor of the casino are photographed at the exclusive request of François André, Director of Hotels and Casino Deauville who wants to modernize the image from the Casino. Like to add a note even more glamorous in the city, the world meeting of Nautical rally of the Golden Pavilion joins the tourbillon of celebrities in an exceptional way: Heddy Lamar, George Raft, Sophie Desmarets, Ludmilla Tchérina, Tilda Thamar, Vincent Scotto, Serge Reggiani, Albert, first butler Maxim's, Jane Wyman, Lord Rothschild… Seventy-two yachts from all over the world bring a sporty and festive dimension to Deauville. Of Boards where these ladies, wear their whalebone jerseys and extend their beautiful legs, where the parasols form a multicolored forest, passing by The Bar du Soleil, Ciro's, At Carpentier, The Casino Grill, The ambassadors, The Brummell, laughter spurts out, lively conversations flare up, good humor prevails. It is this very special atmosphere that Willy Rizzo seized, invited with his friends the Kessel brothers to spend a few days in Deauville. Armed with a 6x6, he photographs the city with the ardor of his 21 years and a very sharp gaze. His photos, taken five years after the landing, are the first published photos of Deauville after the war. Willy Rizzo is then one of the most talented photographers of the brand new Paris Match, he quickly became a legend and a prince of photojournalism. After a long career at Paris Match, in the 1960s he became artistic director of Marie-Claire and collaborated with the biggest fashion magazines, including Vogue.