Pierre-Louis Rivière

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Pierre-Louis Rivière is the author of dramatic works, actor, theatre director and professor at the École Supérieure d’Art de la Réunion.
After his trilogy Garson, Carousel, Émeutes, bringing an intimate perspective to the works he performed at the Théâtre Vollard, where he produced all his plays, his first novel titled Notes des derniers jours (CNL scholarship) has obtained the Prix de l’Océan Indien and the Prix du Livre Insulaire d’Ouessant. His play Émeutes (CNL scholarship) has been selected for stage readings in several festivals (Festival des Francophonies de Limoges/Festival Aria en Corse/Théâtre du Rond Point, Paris 2010).
He is currently continuing his literary activity among novels (the Créoles project, a novel travelling from Africa to Brasil to discover Creole worlds, CNL scholarship), translations (Nema by Koffi Kwahulé) and projects for the theatre (Une Région Obscure). He participated to the literary periodical Kanyar with two tales: Double Salto Arrière and Novela in 2013. His novel Le Vaste Monde was published in March 2014 under Éditions Orphie. Clermance Kilo, voyante extralucide was published in March 2015 under Éditions Poisson Rouge. His 4th novel Todo Mundo was published in 2016 under Éditions Orphie.