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Riverboom collective


© RIVERBOOM for Contact Board (s) 2019
© RIVERBOOM for Contact Board (s) 2019

Guest photographers of Contact Boards 2019 and 2020

Riverboom is a team founded by war reporters on a moonless night in northwest Afghanistan, in an infamous valley infested with fleeing wolves, bandits and Taliban. It is the valley where the Boom river flows. Riverboom has published several collections of travel guides: the Baechtold's Best collection classifies visual families from extraordinary destinations, such as the North Pole, Afghanistan or Louvreland. The Versus collection organizes visual competitions.
So Switzerland narrowly wins the competition for the most beautiful beard in Switzerland versus the World, but it loses the competition for dog trash in Florence versus the World. But above all, Riverboom produces the projects of its members, whether it is a world tour in couchsurfing, a film in Nollywood, an exhibition of more than 700 posters pasted on the walls of Florence.
The Riverboom are Claude Baechtold, Paolo Woods, Serge Michel, Gabriele Galimberti and Edoardo Delille.
In 2019, after Athens versus Sparta, Oxford versus Cambridge, and many others, the photographers of Riverboom took center stage in the competition that continues between Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer. From the most banal clichés and the most classic stereotypes, they staged a visual competition which tells us that we only exist in the face of our opposite, that we are two necessary and irreplaceable parts. This is how we discover that Yin and Yang is indeed a Norman specialty.
In 2020, the Riverbooms returned for a new wink in the same spirit of benevolent provocation entitled "Big Kisses". The project for this series of photographs was born at the end of the containment of the COVID 19 crisis, when all contact was dangerous.
Exhibition from October 17 to January 3 - Open air, Promenade des Planches.