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On the occasion of the anniversary of May 1968, the festival questions the way in which literature and music accompanied the great movements of revolt. Here is the program !

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Contestation does indeed have a "history". Half a century after this adolescent revolt, carried by a youth full of hope demanding a new world, the sociologist Jean-Pierre Le Goff will tell his story of events. A story sometimes written collectively on the city walls, will tell us the writer and editor Yves Pagès who has recorded hundreds of "urban poems" in Sorbonne 68, graffiti (Verticales, 1998) and Look, they repainted! (The Discovery, 2017).
Zola's "J'accuse" is an emblem of this: writers have always been keen to challenge injustice and barbarism. Julie Depardieu will come to read alongside musician Mathieu Baillot extracts of great literary texts that have marked the art of protest. For their part, the singer Florent Marchet and the actor Patrick Mille will give back voice, also in music, to Louis Aragon whose pen knew how to be furious and committed.
And what does the young generation of writers think? Alice Zeniter - author of the mighty The art of losing (Flammarion, 2017) and winner of the Prix Goncourt des lycéens - will give his version of the facts as well as Marion Brunet (In a mess, Sarbacane, 2016) and Isabelle Pandazopoulos (Three angry girls, Gallimard, 2017), whose latest novels directly address the issue of revolt.

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Arnaud cathrine
Literary advisor for the 2018 edition

Accustomed to Deauville and Books & Music of which he is a member of the jury, Arnaud Cathrine, author and protean creator is artistic advisor for the 2018 edition.
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