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Thomas B. Reverdy

Selected for the City Books & Music Prize 2019

Thomas B. Reverdy is a French novelist born in 1974. After an aggregation of modern letters, he became a teacher and started writing. His first three novels, Rising water (Threshold, 2003), Heaven for the record (Threshold, 2005) and The Last Lights (Seuil, 2008) constitute a kind of poetic cycle. They tackle the themes of mourning, remembrance and friendship. In 2010, The other side of the world (Threshold) breaks with this autobiographical vein by proposing a police intrigue located in New York after September 11. In 2013, his novel, The Evaporated (Flammarion), takes place in Japan and evokes people who disappear one day without giving an explanation. He received several prizes and appears in the selection of Goncourt. Two years later, It was a city (Flammarion, 2015) features the city of Detroit, Michigan, in the throes of the bankruptcy of the banking system. He was selected for the Goncourt selection and won the booksellers' prize in 2016. Hailed by critics, his new novel, The winter of discontent (Flammarion, 2018), oreceives the Interallied price.