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Sandrine REVEL

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2016

Sandrine Revel has a dozen albums to her credit, including the multi-print youth series "A funny guardian angel" (Delcourt, 1999-2008), with Denis-Pierre Filippi in the script, but also "Witchcraft and dependencies" (Dupuis , 2010), which she signs alone, and "Do not kiss whoever you want" (Dupuis, 2012), one shot written by Marzena Sowa. In 2015, she published "Glenn Gould, a life at odds" (Dargaud) - the project she had been waiting for for ten years, herself a pianist at times, and who has already published sketchbooks classical or jazz concerts.


She will be present:

Sun April 17 / Villa Le Cercle Program Roulez Jeunesse!
Signing on the stand at the Librairie du Marché

My travel book