Alisa Resnik

Low Season - IN 2019

© Alisa Resnik for Board(s) Contact 2019
© Alisa Resnik for Board(s) Contact 2019
© Alisa Resnik for Board(s) Contact 2019

Guest photographer for Contact Boards 2019

Alisa Resnik, a Russian-born photographer born in 1976, studied art history and philosophy at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the University of Bologna before devoting herself to photography in 2008. She is particularly fond of the night for its poetry. The night, which lets the social masks fall, allows her to go beyond the banality. The chromatic spectrum of Alisa Resnik is made of the colors of darkness, dark reds and greens that absorb the rare light.
Alisa Resnik reveals the fragility of beings. The bodies are pale, the faces marked. She plunges into this world of fragile balance with deep empathy. Because her work is above all a matter of encounters. Alisa Resnik photographs what simply touches her.
In 2013, winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography, she published One Another Kehrer Verlag, Peliti Associati, Actes Sud, Dewi Lewis Publishing, Blume. In 2014 she was a finalist for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award.
Through a fusional approach to the world around her, Alisa Resnik develops a bewitching photographic writing in search of moments of sincerity.
It is in the continuity of its previous ones that Alisa Resnik took over Deauville at night.

Exhibition space: La Chatonnière, 69 rue Victor Hugo.
Days / hours : every day from October 19 to November 03, and from December 21 to January 5, then Saturdays and Sundays from October 28 to December 20 - 10:30 am > 1 pm - 2:30 pm > 6:30 pm.


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