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Auguste Renoir


In urban or bucolic, intimate or popular settings, Renoir likes to paint joyful dailies. Time is suspended there, pearly skins, soft textures and delicate gestures. When a woman plays the guitar alone or when Parisians sit down at the Moulin de la Galette, the spectator is not only witness to the scene but engaged by the point of view adopted, the exchanges of glances and the atmosphere. enveloping of the place. In this ideal society, every movement seems a mark of tenderness. This sketch, while remaining faithful to its colors and its cheerfulness, breaks with the traditional way of Renoir. No character is represented and the small juxtaposed keys, often in the shape of a comma, give way to large areas of color. The sea and the sky can no longer be seen precisely. This spirit of synthesis, specific to Impressionism, is a heritage from Corot.