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Regain energy and vitality

4 cures to replenish your energy

Need a break to regain strength? Fitness and energy cures are essential in Thalasso, which offer formulas to fill up with vitamins and trace elements for a day, a weekend or a week. . The benefits of seawater combined with individual hydrotherapy treatments, affusion massages and other relaxing treatments allow you to gently regain tone and vitality.


Whatever the thalassotherapy center chosen, the treatment offers many seawater-based treatments to relax, unwind and regenerate. Their composition allows the body to be recharged with good minerals. Baths for example, whether hydromassage or bubbling, massage the body in depth, which comes out revitalized and nourishes with marine active ingredients. Depending on the treatment selected, essential oils or sea salts are added to the bath. In the same principle, seaweed wraps and applications of marine mud trigger sweating, which will cause the skin pores to dilate and therefore promote the penetration of minerals. The affusion massage is provided in a warm mist for a moment of absolute relaxation. Quickly assimilated by the skin, the marine active ingredients spread throughout the body and in all stimulated body parts (back, neck, hands, legs and feet).



Mainly used in slimming treatments, the jet shower is recognized for its benefits on muscles and orange peel. But the high pressure of seawater jets also awakens the muscles and provides a feeling of vitality and freshness, ideal for replenishing energy. While lying down this time, we put on large inflatable boots for a pressotherapy session; mechanical lymphatic drainage at progressive pressure helps to improve venous return and regain light legs. To perfect the results of the treatments, certain cures include in their program sports sessions in a seawater pool (Aquagym), in the studio (Cardio Boxing, Swiss Ball Training) or on the beach (Beach Walk or Run, Sea Sand Training).



Recognized for its many benefits, massage is an essential treatment for maintaining a healthy life. In thalassotherapy centers, there are relaxing massages and their relaxing kneading which acts in depth on physical and mental tensions. Without kneading this time, the hydrojet, an alternative technique of mechanical palpate-roll. On a hot water mattress, several jets with adjustable pressures massage the body from the nape of the neck to the ankles. If these treatments focus mainly on the body, the face is not to be outdone; supplemented by a massage of this specific area, facial treatments plump, detoxify and erase signs of fatigue.

Our selection of cures

Deauville Thalasso by Algotherm


Vitality Cure & Detox cure - 2 to 5 days


Need energy quickly? This concentrated spa treatment brings energy and vigor thanks to the therapeutic properties of sea water, sea mud and algae. There are two durations to choose from: 2 days (8 treatments) and 5 days (20 treatments). For each of the cures, Aquabike sessions perfect the results.


  • Vitality Cure, 2 days (from € 315) or 5 days (from 703 €).
  • Detox cure, 2 days (from € 369) or 5 days (from 839 €).

Algotherm Thalasso Deauville

3 Sem Street
02 31 87 72 00

Thalassa Sea & Spa Institute, Cures Marines Trouville


My Vitamin Break & My precious break - 1 to 6 days


A balance between care and activities, between relaxation and dynamism to restore the body and mind to all their vitality. Choose from two program lengths: a weekend (1 to 3 days) or a week (4 to 6 days). Every day, Ma Pause Vitaminée offers essential treatments (sea bath, hydrorelax massage, relaxing sea wave ...) and a coached sports activity. Ma Pause Précieuse mainly focuses on beauty treatments from the cosmetic brand Gemology.



Thalassa Sea & Spa
Boulevard Cahotte
02 31 14 26 00