For the anniversary of May 1968, the Festival questions how literature and music have accompanied the great rebellion movements.. Here is the program!

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Protests have a “history” indeed: About half-century after this adolescent rebellion, driven by a youth full of hope to fight for a better world, the sociologist Jean-Pierre Le Goff tells how he experienced these events. “This history was written - sometimes collectively - on the walls of the city”, told us the writer and publisher Yves Pagès, who recorded hundreds of “urban poems” in Sorbonne 68, graffiti (Verticales, 1998) and Tiens, ils ont repeint ! (La Découverte, 2017).
The letter written by Zola and titled “I accuse” is an emblem: writers have always been concerned about fighting against injustice and inhumanity. Julie Depardieu will read, accompanied by musician Mathieu Baillot, some extracts of the great literary texts that have marked the art of protest. Singer Florent Marchet and actor Patrick Mille, on their side, will give a new voice, always accompanied by music, to Louis Aragon, whose texts may be enraged and committed.
And what about the young generation of writers? Alice Zeniter - author of the striking L’art de perdre (Flammarion, 2017) and laureate of the Prix Goncourt des lycéens - will share her view, as well as Marion Brunet (Dans le désordre, Sarbacane, 2016) and Isabelle Pandazopoulos (Trois filles en colère, Gallimard, 2017), whose latest novels directly deal with the theme of rebellion.

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Arnaud Cathrine
Literary Advisor of the 2018 edition

Arnaud Cathrine, author and multifaceted creator, already member of the jury of the Books and Music Festival, is the artistic advisor of the 2018 edition.
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