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© Philippe Ramette

Philippe Ramette, visual artist, was born in 1961 in Auxerre. He is both a contemporary artist and a photographer. He lives and works in Paris.

Above all a sculptor, he creates objects whose subject is not so much their daily use as the process of reflection that they initiate. Then he decides to stage his sculptures in photographs. His practice, in general, plays on the imagination, the displacement of meaning and changes in perception. His works demonstrate a keen sense of demonstration by the absurd. Philippe Ramette puts himself on stage in costume, he composes the image of a landscape of which he will be extravagant, and visually amazing or stunning (in the literal sense).

His shots are not subject to any retouching or editing, because the artist seeks above all to keep in touch with his work as a sculptor.

In Deauville as part of the Planche (s) Contact festival, he produced three “sculptures - installations”: on the swimming pool, the beach and the dike.