Tao Ravao

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Tao Ravao, Madagascan multiinstrumentalist, writes, composes and performs music. His instruments are both traditional and modern: Valiha (Madagascan harp), Kabosy (Madagascan lute), Lapsteel (Hawaiian guitar), Litungu (Kenyan harp), Krar (Ethiopian harp), acoustic guitar and bass.
Spiritual heir of the legendary Bluesman Hosick-James, he started as a folksinger and, once arrived to Paris, he learned to play banjo, mandolin and finally guitar. When he was 20, listening to “Mr Bottleneck” alias Homesick-James, he started to get fond of blues. He decided to join his master in Chicago. There, he studied at the same time blues and Madagascan traditional music. He played with Big Walter Horton, Louisina Red, Eddie C.Campbell, Grady Gaines.
Tao Ravao went on a worldwide tour with Valiha player Justin Vali. He also recorded several albums, he was the artistic director of musicians as D’Gary, Jean-Emilien and Sengé, awarded by the RFI, and also composed for the theatre “Un jour, ma mémoire” by Michèle Rakotoson, “Noirs paradis” by R.Lykson and “Introspection” by P.Handke. He created the Ny Malagasy orkestra, associating traditional masters to Madagascan music.