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Tao Ravao

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

Tao Ravao, Malagasy multi-instrumentalist, writes, composes and performs. His instruments are both traditional and modern: Valiha (Malagasy harp), Kabosy (Malagasy lute), Lapsteel (Hawaiian guitar), Litungu (Kenyan harp), Krar (Ethiopian harp), Dry and bass guitar.
Spiritual son of the legendary Bluesman Hosick-James, he started out as "Folksinger" and learned as soon as he arrived in Paris to play the banjo, the mandolin and finally the guitar. At 20, it was while listening to "Mr Bottleneck" aka Homesick-James, that his passion for the blues came to him. He then decides to join his master in Chicago. There, he simultaneously studied Blues and traditional Malagasy music. He plays alongside "Big Walter Horton", Louisina Red, Eddie C. Campbell, Grady Gaines.
Tao Ravao accompanies Valiha player Justin Vali on a world tour. He also records numerous records, provides artistic direction for musicians like D'Gary, Jean-Emilien and Sengé awarded by RFI and also composes for theater such as "Un jour, ma mémoire" by Michèle Rakotoson, "Noirs paradis" by R .Lykson and "Introspection" by P.Handke. He created Ny Malagasy orkestra, a meeting of traditional masters of Malagasy music.