Hélène Rajcak

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Born in Paris in 1981, Hélène Rajcak, being left-handed, could have easily won pinball international championships. Instead, she decided to study engraving and the art to make images. Once finished her studies, she started to work as illustrator for press and youth publishing houses. While she was looking for a bicycle sidecar, she met Damien Laverdunt. Their first publication titled "Le tigre de bonne espérance" (the tiger of good hope) is a fanzine resulting from the collaboration of several sticker drawers. This collective work earned them the nickname of "Tigres gauchers" (left-handed tigers). Yet Hélène Rajcak has absolutely nothing of a tiger. She just shares with this animal the taste for stripes and a favourite colour: yellow.