Let's tell our stories

and share our experiences

Faced with the rise in power of merchant sites that are currently focused on the marketing of dry offers, inDeauville has chosen to showcase the identity of the territory, composed of multiple value-added contents.

In order to describe the diversity of the area, the inDeauville teams are committed to telling stories. The history of the area, its heritage value, its status as a historic resort, its culinary traditions, its products, its rituals, and the personal and collective stories of today, yesterday and tomorrow. All of these stories inspire experiences to be had, exceptional moments, journeys to discover multiple universes. As the crucible of our tourist offers, the stories are designed to promote human relationships and respond to inDeauville's ambition to create the conditions for sharing and meeting. They tend to enhance creativity and invite discovery, they inspire pleasure and well-being. 

The stories are basically like scripted tourist maps. They bring together places to discover, invitations to take the time for a rare moment, for an inspiring and precious encounter.
They bring a coherence of tone and approach whatever the theme, a conniving and relaxed tone, complicity. 

A semantic universe of its own

The verbs: exchange, imagine, take time, enjoy, (get) closer, (get) reconnect, (get) meet, (get) rejuvenate, (get) reunite, dream, blossom, open (to oneself, to others). 

The names: benefit, elegance, energy, emotion, balance, evasion, evocation, inspiration, freedom, tranquility, sensoriality, serenity...

The adjectives: welcoming, authentic, warm, inspiring, timeless, passionate, poetic, revitalizing, alive...

How can you apply it to your establishment? 

Draw on this register of words to tell the story of your establishment, the story of its creation, what it offers as an experience, how it feels, why not your own story. Identify what exceptional experience you could offer your customers and put it on paper. The space dedicated to your establishment on this site is ideal to reach your customers. Think about it, we are here to help you in this process.

If you want to get into storytelling, it's here


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Residence de l'Horloge
Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie
14800 Deauville
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Place Jean Mermoz
14640 Villers-sur-Mer
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32 bis avenue Michel d'Ornano
14910 Blonville-sur-Mer
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40 rue du General Leclerc
14113 Villerville
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20 Place Lemercier
14800 Touques
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Promenade Louis Delamare
(behind the first aid station)
14800 Tourgéville
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