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Patrick quillier

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

Patrick quillier has long wandered in Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean, especially as a teacher of Classical Letters in Portugal, Austria, Hungary. Since 1999 he has been teaching General and Comparative Literature at the University of Nice. Translator and editor of Fernando Pessoa in Pleiades, he has translated contemporary Portuguese and Hungarian poets. The first line of his collection Murmur Office (1996, Éditions de la Difference) evokes "a whole temptation of darkness", not to claim a hermetic posture, but by reference to the "lessons of darkness" of baroque music, in which the inevitable work of mourning becomes a work of life . The murmur is for him the model of the poem and of music, a trembling repetition of the fragile force of life, tireless ostinato of freedom and revolt. A tenuous voice that you hardly hear, except through careful listening. He hopes this is noticeable not only in his poems and musical compositions, but also in his articles, prefaces and academic essays.