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Future of place of life and culture

The Moatti & Rivière agency won this summer the project management competition for the equipment of the Franciscans of Deauville. The Franciscans are named after the congregation of sisters who created and lived in them for almost a century. Within its 4m000 is preparing an innovative and attractive project - at the same time a place of life, knowledge, transmission of culture - new engine of the radiation and the dynamism of the territory.
Let's project ourselves in 2018:
In an innovative, unique, hyper-connected and constantly changing place, audiences of all backgrounds, of all ages and all concerns meet, live, explore, circulate, be amazed, experiment and share experiences and emotions in Franciscan women. Each visitor is involved in an “à la carte” experience-journey, according to their centers of interest, their desires of the moment, the time available and the mood that drives them. There is no need to be here. We sharpen our senses, we take pleasure, we learn, we discover, we go, we come, we come back.

Les Franciscaines, a multifaceted place, is very strongly imbued with the identity of Deauville, its values, its major cultural events and festivals, its heritage collections - its collections on the memory of the city, on the horse - and its artistic collections, including the works of André Hambourg bequeathed to the City in 2011. The scenography - fun, interactive - reveals itself around worlds to discover, the universes where the supports of culture and the tools of knowledge have been assembled without partitioning, ready to be consulted in optimal conditions.

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3 values

CULTURE & CREATIVITY Born with the Impressionists who frequented it for its special light, Deauville has attracted artists seeking inspiration for a century. Strengthened by this constant and enriching relationship, the City of Deauville has chosen to play an active role in the world of creation to remain a stimulating place of mixing. Today, its festivals, cultural events and residences are for artists not only privileged places of creation, but also places of exchange and dissemination. If the Franciscans have vocation through the different universes to enhance the memory of this creativity, they will also help to promote its development. Two universes will be particularly dedicated to culture and creativity: the “memory of Deauville” universe and the “spectacle, music, cinema” universe.

MEETING & SHARING By its tourist vocation and its openness to the world, Deauville is a privileged place where we come to share and meet through trips, seminars, cultural festivals, holidays, weekends. The place, open permanently, will be lived nearby by regulars or as a stopover by visitors. It is also designed for the economic world which will find new spaces and products for the Franciscans. Its different poles, comfortable and warm, will be organized to encourage people to meet and share. Because what is central in the project is to encourage people to spend time, to meet. Here no logic of flow, input-output, number ... but values ​​of pleasure, pleasure, discovery, exploration, exchange. One of its five universes will be particularly dedicated to "exploring the world".

PLEASURE & WELL-BEING From the small village on the Coteau to the renowned seaside resort built from scratch, Deauville has experienced a crazy ascent. Constant obligation: to constantly adapt to developments in tourism, its changes and the desires of travelers. Art of living, hedonism, sport, well-being, colors, tastes, smells, sounds and language, light: the Franciscans will be faithful to the vocation of the station created for pleasure. "Health and wellness" and "horse" will be the themes of the last two universes.

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