What to do in Villerville?

Nestled between Trouville-sur-Mer and Honfleur, Villerville cultivates a rich cultural and seaside past. Narrow and winding streets, colorful houses, a 4km beach bordered by a geological site, this former fishermen's village today labeled "village of character of Calvados" has inspired many painters, musicians and photographers. Its artistic aura gave birth to the moving festival "Un Théâtre à Villerville"; its unequalled charm seduced Henri Verneuil who, in 1962, brought together Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Gabin for the one and only time in the history of cinema for the cult film"Un singe en hiver".

What to do in Villerville ©Ville de Villerville
City of Villerville

The must-haves

Walk along the cliffs of the Roches Noires - Pointe du Heurt

What to do in Villerville ? Walking along the Black Rocks cliffs - Pointe du Heurt ©Etienne Chognard
View of the Roches Noires cliffs - Pointe du Heurt from the wooden stairs Etienne Chognard

Like a natural geological barrier separating Villerville and Trouville-sur-Mer, the Black Rocks Cliffs - Pointe du Heurt have dominated the English Channel for nearly 160 million years. Far from the tumult of the beaches of the Côte Fleurie, the place has remained wild and has lost none of its beauty; all along its 4km, no construction, no house towers over the cliffs. The majority of the site is classified "Sensitive Natural Area" by the department of Calvados, to better perpetuate it. Slides, erosion, limestone layers... Many secrets are engraved in the stone. Our advice to discover them:

  • Participate in a nature outing. Several times a year, guided walks are organized to learn more about the history of the Roches Noires - Pointe du Heurt, understand its vegetation and observe its fauna.
  • Kayak touring. From the sea, sit in a kayak for a hike accompanied by a Concept Sport Emotion instructor and contemplate the wild beauty of the cliffs.
  • Stroll in the Parc des Graves. There are 800 meters of pedestrian paths that make up this park, a real garden on the cliffs. The highlight of the walk is the panorama of the Black Rocks.

> The hike to do: Villerville by the cliffs of the Roches Noires - Pointe du Heurt - 5,1 km.

What to do in Villerville ? Walking along the Black Rocks cliffs - Pointe du Heurt ©Etienne Chognard
The rocks visible from the Grand Bec beachEtienne Chognard

Admire the sea from the Parc des Graves

What to do in Villerville ? Admire the sea from the Parc des Graves ©Sandrine Boyer-Engel
The Parc des Graves, a window on the sea Sandrine Boyer-Engel

From greenery to sand, there is only one step. At the entrance to Villerville, a treasure known to all its inhabitants is hidden: the Parc des Gravesa steep garden leading to the sea. At the bend of its 800m of paths, it is good to walk among the ducks that splash happily in the ponds, the goats of the ditches that feed on the brambles, ideal for eco-pasture and natural maintenance of the place. In fine weather, vacationers and Villervillais sit down to picnic or rest in the shade of the trees, while the children play in the playground. In front of them stands a panoramic view on the waters of the English Channel.

What to do in Villerville ? Admire the sea from the Parc des Graves ©Sandrine Boyer-Engel / inDeauville
Walking path, benches and picnic tables invite you to contemplateSandrine Boyer-Engel / inDeauville

Settling on the beach of Villerville

What to do in Villerville ? Settling on the beach ©Photo911
The beach of Grand Bec and its cliffs Photo911

A wide strip of sand stretching over 4km, the beach of Villerville has several settings. To the west, the Grand Bec beach runs along the wild cliffs of Roches Noires - Pointe du Heurtwithout the shadow of a villa on the horizon. Everything is nature.

Little by little, the hilly land disappears, giving way to the Graves beach, bordered by the village and its dike built on the cliff.

Continuing, an old casino converted into a hotel and a nautical center conclude the villervillaise stroll on the beach of the Baths, with Le Havre in background.

What to do in Villerville ? Settling on the beach ©Ville de Villerville
The beach of the Baths, east side of the seawallTown of Villerville
What to do in Villerville ? Settling on the beach ©Pierre Moquet
Graves beach, west side of the seawallPierre Moquet

Stroll on the dike

What to do in Villerville ? Walk on the dike ©Ville de Villerville
The Villerville dike, a walk on the side of the cliff Town of Villerville

In Villerville, the sea gives rhythm to the days of the boaters according to its tides. When the sea rises, the beach disappears almost completely; pedestrians then go up on the dike of Villerville which borders it to admire the spectacle of the waves. For nearly 500m, it is a beautiful walk on the cliffside that runs along the town to end at the foot of the Parc des Graves. On the east side is the Tour de la Digue, an unusual monument made of red bricks. It is this building that appears in flames at the beginning of the film"A monkey in winter" when the village is under occupation.

What to do in Villerville ? Walk on the dike ©Photo911 / Ville de Villerville
Photo911 / City of Villerville

Walking in the footsteps of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Gabin

What to do in Villerville ? Walk in the footsteps of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Gabin ©Naïade Plante
The mural located on rue des Bains, next to the hotel Naïade Plante

One film, two cinema mastodons... And a great story."Un singe en hiver" (A monkey in winter) has forever changed the modest seaside resort of Villerville when it welcomed, in the winter of 1961/1962, Henri Verneuil and his two stars, Jean Gabin and Jean-Paul Belmondo. To visit Villerville is to feel the atmosphere of the film's neighborhood, to see the faces of the actors on a caricatured fresco facing the sea, to pass in front of the Cabaret Normand and to feel a sudden urge for a Picon Bière. No studio here: a discovery tour Villerville, in the footsteps of the film"A Monkey in Winter allows you to visit the filming locations and replay your own version of the film.

What to do in Villerville ? Walk in the footsteps of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Gabin ©Photo911 / inDeauville
Villerville, legendary setting for the film "A Monkey in WinterPhoto911 / inDeauville

The events

not to be missed under any circumstances

What to do in Villerville ? La Fête de la Mer ©Naïade Plante


Colorful decorations, a parade through the village with folk music, model boats, entertainment and tribute masses... Since 1896, Villerville has draped its streets with fishing nets and honored the memory of sailors and fishermen lost at sea. The children dressed in their best sailor's beret with red pompons.

When is it held? Every year in July

What to do in Villerville ? A Theater in Villerville ©Naïade Plante


Starting in a disused garage, then moving to a castle in its original state before taking place in an old school... This is what Un Théâtre à Villerville is all about. A moving festival, from morning to night, which takes over atypical places, where daring companies present their plays created especially for the event and shake up the expectations we may have of the theater.

When is it held? Every year in August

What to do in Villerville ? The Monkey Festival in winter ©Thomas Le Floc'H


Every year, the anniversary of Henri Verneuil's film is celebrated throughout Villerville. In addition to the giant posters and totems that are present every day, exhibitions, animations and fireworks fired from the beach - as in the end of the film - honor the memory ofA Monkey in Winter, of which many inhabitants and children participated in the shooting and still remember it!

When is it held? Every year in October

Where to eat in Villerville ?

Where to sleep in Villerville ?

Ask for advice

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Villerville Tourist OfficeinDeauville
What to do in Villerville ? The Villerville tourist office ©inDeauville

Villerville Tourism

Getting to and around Villerville


The nearest train station is Deauville-Trouville, 6.5 km from Villerville. It is served by TER trains and connects daily with the stations of Lisieux and Paris Saint-Lazare. Timetables and fares are available under this link. To book a ticket, go to the ticket office, on SNCF Connect or on Trainline.


Deauville-Normandie airport is located about 7km from Villerville, in the commune of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois. To reach Villerville :

  • Bus line n°111 : stop "Parking des Tennis
  • Cabs : Sixt - +33 (0)8 20 00 74 98
  • Shuttles : TSC Normandie - +33 (0)7 81 21 60 35
  • Car : via D74 (7km - 10 minutes)


The ports of Le Havre and Caen, respectively located 28km and 47km from Villerville, offer daily connections with Great Britain.

  • Brittany ferries : Caen-Ouistreham/Portsmouth or Le Havre/Portsmouth +33 (0)825 828 828 - www.brittany-ferries.fr
  • Crossing of the estuary by maritime shuttle (crossings from June to August) from Le Havre and Trouville-sur-Mer. To know more >>>


Villerville is ideally located between the sea and the countryside, with two highways:

  • Paris-Villerville : A13 - 200 km, including 190 km of highway
  • Access A29 north to Amiens (12 km)

Access to the center of Villerville is difficult by car, we advise you to reach the beach on foot by the rue des Bains (plage des Bains), the rue de la Cabine or the chemin des Fondrières (plage des Graves). In summer, parking is not free in the whole town. The rue du Maréchal Foch and the rue des Bains are pedestrianized every weekend from April 16th, on public holidays and every day of school vacations until September 15th.


  • Route n°111 : Caen - Cabourg - Deauville - Honfleur - Le Havre
  • Route n°1105 : Caen - Cabourg - Deauville - Honfleur

For more information: +33 (0)9 70 83 00 14 - www.nomadcar14.fr.
Book your tickets for all your trips in all the Tourist Information Offices in the Deauville area.


To rent a bike, the nearest service provider is in Trouville-sur-Mer, 6km from Villerville: Les Trouvillaises.

Villerville is a crossing point of the national bicycle route the Vélomaritime

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