What to do in Bénerville-sur-Mer ?

A long golden beach, the rare essences of the Calouste Gulbenkian Park, the Mont-Canisy and its historical military past... Bénerville-sur-Mer has nothing to envy the neighboring towns. All in height, it is here that one can appreciate the most beautiful viewpoints in Deauville. To the west, the Falaises des Vaches Noires and Cabourg; to the east, the Sainte-Adresse district in Le Havre and the Cap de la Hève at the tip of the Seine-Maritime.

What to do in Bénerville-sur-Mer ©Delphine Barré-Lerouxel
Delphine Barré-Lerouxel

The must-haves

Rejuvenate at Calouste Gulbenkian Park

Sandrine Chardon

In April, the Calouste Gulbenkian Park and its 33 hectares open to the general public for a nice shady stroll. It's springtime; nature is abounding, and some sixty rare species with multiple scents line the path. At the entrance, a maple leaf plane tree, a bird's sorb and even a Serbian spruce stand out. Further on, Austrian black pines and Dutch lime trees stand alongside Atlantica Glauca cedars, redwoods and acacias.

During the walk, walkers and arboretum lovers will discover the different areas of the park: French, Italian or English style, a whole palette of gardens and species that will take you on a journey through Europe.

In the farm, below the Parc Calouste Gulbenkian, beautiful beehives shelter hundreds of bees that gather honey all year long to offer the honey of Deauville, sold only on the markets of Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer.

Naïade Plante / Lucile Loisel / Sandrine Boyer-Engel
Naïade Plante / Sandrine Boyer-Engel

Taking the high road at Mont-Canisy

Etienne Chognard

Its summit offers the most beautiful panorama on the Côte Fleurie where the Marais de Blonville-Villers extends at its feet, where the Cliffs of the Black Cows between Houlgate and Villers-sur-Mer. A military site used since 1918 by the French army, the Mont-Canisy was then occupied by German troops in 1941, during the Second World War. Overlooking the English Channel at a height of 110 meters, the hill offers an unobstructed view of the bay of the Seine, the entrance to the ports of Le Havre, Honfleur and Deauville; a strategic point to anticipate possible landings by the Allied forces. A hundred or so remains, casemates, blockhouses and bunkers were built.

Seven decades have passed, the foundations of this fortress remain. Nature has reclaimed its rights. Orchids, juniper and delicate raiponium have invaded the concrete; nightingales, butterflies and even bats live together in harmony. For 30 years, the volunteers of the association Les Amis du Mont-Canisy have been digging up the past to better evoke its history during the guided tours organized in summer. From the bunkers to the amazing 250m long tunnel, the explanations are full of interest and anecdotes.

Etienne Chognard / Sandrine Boyer-Engel / Sandrine Chardon

Admire the seaside architecture

Vincent Rustuel - Calvados Attractiveness

In Bénerville-sur-Mer, the villas are imposing with their beautiful volumes. Some are nestled in the countryside of the Pays d'Auge, others are proudly displayed along the streets and the sea. It is easy to see them during a walk; the most impressive are located on Avenue du littoral and Rue des Lais de Mer. Second Empire, chalet with balconies or Norman style, all theseaside architecture is represented here.

Delphine Barré-Lerouxel
Delphine Barré-Lerouxel

Relax on the beach

Paloma Gabet

The sandbankThe beach of Lais de Mer is located in the immediate vicinity of Tourgéville and has three facets. The first beach huts The first red and blue beach huts are scattered in front of the seawall, patiently waiting for the holidaymakers and their beach equipment. A little further, the beach of La Garenne welcomes in summer the so much coveted children's clubwith its multicolored inflatables and trampolines, located near a restaurant at the water's edge. Then, the seaside villas become scarce, the sand gives way to a green vegetation, the smooth landscape becomes hilly; it is the beach of Ammonites, wilder. It is here that a first-aid post with a Californian look, all made of wood on stilts, attracts the curious and photo lovers.

The aid station and its Californian airPaloma Gabet

Walking on the Yves Saint-Laurent promenade

What to do in Bénerville-sur-Mer ? The promenade ©Paloma Gabet
Paloma Gabet

Between the sea and the villas, the Yves Saint-Laurent promenade bears the name of the fashion designer who, in 1983, bought the Château Gabriel, where the great publisher Gaston Gallimard lived. 600 meters long, it offers a beautiful iodized stroll far from the crowds, as close as possible to the houses that border it. At the end of the walk, it is possible to go down to the beach at low tide to continue towards Blonville-sur-Mer, or to climb to the heights of Bénerville-sur-Mer by taking the Rue Font Marie, and thus join a pedestrian itinerary on 3,6km.

Going back in history at the Saint-Christophe church

City of Bénerville-sur-Mer

If the small Romanesque church of Bénerville-sur-Mer is historically dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it bears the name of Saint-Christophe, patron saint of travelers. Dating from the 12th century, it is one of the oldest parishes in Normandy. Near the entrance, a tombstone is decorated with the Templars' cross; one can also admire beautiful fishbone stonework. The building houses architectural and decorative curiosities, notably the triumphal arch, the wooden statue of the Virgin Mary, two very beautiful painted wooden statues from the 18th century (including Saint Christopher) and a Louis XIV style high altar.

Facing the sea, surrounded by its cemetery, it opens every year to the public on the occasion of the European Heritage Days and for Saint Christopher's Day.

Where to eat and sleep in Bénerville-sur-Mer ?

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Getting to and around Bénerville-sur-Mer


The nearest train station is Deauville-Trouville, 4km from Bénerville-sur-Mer. It is served by TER trains and connects daily with the stations of Lisieux and Paris Saint-Lazare. The timetables and fares are available under this link. To book a ticket, go to the ticket office, on SNCF Connect or on Trainline.


Deauville-Normandie airport is located about 11km from Bénerville-sur-Mer, in the commune of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois. To reach Bénerville-sur-Mer :

  • Bus line n°111 : stops "Bénerville-sur-Mer Eglise" or "Bénerville-sur-Mer Garenne
  • Cabs : Sixt - +33 (0)8 20 00 74 98
  • Shuttles : TSC Normandie - +33 (0)7 81 21 60 35
  • Car : via D513 and D74 (11km - 19 minutes)


The ports of Le Havre and Caen, located about 40 km from Bénerville-sur-Mer, offer daily connections with Great Britain.

  • Brittany ferries : Caen-Ouistreham/Portsmouth or Le Havre/Portsmouth +33 (0)825 828 828 - www.brittany-ferries.fr
  • Crossing of the estuary by maritime shuttle (crossings from June to August) from Le Havre and Trouville-sur-Mer. To know more >>>


Bénerville-sur-Mer is ideally located between the sea and the countryside, with two freeways:

  • Paris-Bénerville-sur-Mer : A13 - 200 km, including 190 km of highway
  • Access A29 north to Amiens (20 km)

Once in Bénerville-sur-Mer, there are free parking zones on rue des Lais de Mer, boulevard de Bénerville and rue Pierre Roucher.
From April 9 to November 6, parking becomes paid: rue Victor Caillau, Avenue du Maréchal Foch, Parking des Ammonites, Parking de la Garenne (next to the bakery) and Parking Avenue du Littoral. Rue Gaston Gallimard is in a blue zone all year long.


  • Route n°111 : Caen - Cabourg - Deauville - Honfleur - Le Havre
  • Route n°1105 : Caen - Cabourg - Deauville - Honfleur

For more information: +33 (0)9 70 83 00 14 - www.nomadcar14.fr.
Book your tickets for all your trips in all the Tourist Information Offices in the Deauville area.


To rent a bike, the nearest service provider is in Villers-sur-Mer, 2.5km from Bénerville-sur-Mer: Cycles La Villersoise - +33 (0)2 31 81 91 11 / +33 (0)6 15 89 67 38

Bénerville-sur-Mer is a crossing point of the national bicycle route the Vélomaritime

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