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The temple of equestrian sports

Temple of equestrian sports, the Pôle International du Cheval Longines Deauville is totally dedicated to the multidisciplinary promotion of sport horses. This center is a place of excellence and high quality exchanges, covered and practicable all year round and is open to all audiences, professionals, individuals and schools. It offers an unequaled capacity for reception and organization: pony club and horse club, owners' stable, ideal facilities for horse training and training, regional, national or international competition areas, place of training and of course a show.

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A great merry-go-round

- 70x30 m track, Toubin and Clément fiber ground
- Capacity: around 900 places
- Different configurations to accommodate the public: fixed stands, mobile stands, jury stand
- Sound and light control platform
- Timing equipment
- Equipment for capturing and broadcasting images thanks to the screens installed all around the stands, intended for the public as well as for riders: retransmissions, videoconferences…
- Stage pre-equipment
- Direct access to the merry-go-round
- Relaxation arena: 40x20 m track, Normandy Drainage fiber floor

Note: The entire site is adapted to current standards for people with disabilities.

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- 4 bright and spacious stables: each stable is equipped with one or more tack rooms with secure access
- A stable dedicated to school horses
- A stable dedicated to owners' horses: 21 boxes with video access via the internet
- 2 stables dedicated to passing horses
- 71 boxes in total with automatic drinkers
- Upholstery dedicated to owners
- 5 showers
- Solarium
- Lanyard round 20 m in diameter
- Walker with 6 places
- Farrier posts
- Infirmary, laundromat, toilets
- Budding paddocks

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The great career

- 6350 m², Pro Sol Toubin and Clément
- Natural wooden bleachers (2 places)
- Automatic watering
- Career with sound and light
- Integrated jury stand
- Associated relaxation career

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Other equipment

- Bar Restaurant
- Meeting Room
- 3 paddocks in sand
- 1 car parking / 1 Truck parking
- 50 pitches equipped with electrical boxes
- Concrete platform equipped with showers to accommodate 160 boxes

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Useful information

Find all the detailed infrastructure information on
14 avenue Ox and Bucks - BP 652 14804 Deauville Cedex
Phone. : +33 (0) 2 31 14 04 04 - Email: