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Patrice Le Bris
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The intercommunal leisure park, a paradise for games and sport

High place of team sports acclaimed for its synthetic turf football fields - nearly twenty associations train there, or 600 players - the leisure park is a vast landscaped park of eleven hectares. A place for fishing, strolling and relaxing made up of playgrounds, hiking trails, sports trails and nature observation areas, it was designed in 1983 at the initiative of the Community of municipalities Heart Côte Fleurie in an environmental approach.

Patrice Le Bris
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- 2 FFF approved artificial turf football fields with a 105 X 68 meter sewn carpet
- 1 football field of honor in grass approved FFF of 105 X 68 meters
- 2 grass training football fields 105 X 68 meters 8 changing rooms with showers
- 1 club house of 70 m²
- Lighting on the 2 synthetic pitches and on the pitch of honor: 250 lux

Patrice Le Bris
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But also...

- Fifty pétanque courts
- A health trail
- A playground for children from 3 to 7 years old
- An 11 hectare wooded park
- The banks of the Touques loop with two pontoons

Coeur Feurie Coast
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International team training camp

Located two hours from Paris, the green island is approved by UEFA to receive international teams in training session.  
During Euro 2016, the national team of Croatia took up residence at the Touques Leisure Park. On the occasion of the Women's Football World Cup organized in France in June 2019, the park served as a rear base for the teams from Spain, South Africa, the United States and England.
Regularly, players from Stade Malherbe de Caen also come to train on the lawns of the Leisure Park.

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Useful information

Located further back from the city center, not far from a quiet area, the park is less than 5 minutes from all amenities.

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