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The Prix des Ados has become an unmissable event for college and high school students from Normandy. Praised by students and teachers alike, discover the keys to the success of the 1er Teen literary prize in Normandy!

Naiad Plant
Naiad Plant

Created in 2009, the Prix des Ados is a joint initiative of the E. Leclerc Cultural Spaces of Normandy and the Books & Music Festival. At each school year, Espaces Culturels E. Leclerc distribute in colleges / high schools no less than 4800 books. The selection of books - four in number - is made by teachers and bookstores from Espaces Culturels E. Leclerc, taking care of the diversity of genres and reading levels. The theme is always music: it inspires, rhythms, accompanies all the stories on offer. The texts are read, worked in class and each student can then vote for their favorite book, in April, in the Espaces Culturels E. Leclerc.

The authors' awards ceremony takes place during the school day and brings together students and authors in the large auditorium of the Deauville International Center. Since 2019, faced with the growing success of the award, the festival has planned two ceremonial sessions. This will accommodate 3000 students.

All day long, meetings between schoolchildren and writers in small groups will follow. The Prize is endowed with € 1. The winning book is highlighted in all Leclerc Cultural Spaces in France.

Follow the news of this award the dedicated blog here.

Naiad Plant

The 2020 selection: 4 books inspired by music



My apache nights

Diary of an amnesiac Yiddish Tango

A little closer to the stars

I felt indestructible. I was strong, fast and a long distance runner. It was as if all the material that constituted me resonated with music. And tonight, I was ready to forgive everyone who had hurt me. By their absence, their way of forgetting me. I think I was ready to forgive myself. Jonas goes through his youth and adolescence like a long tunnel punctuated by disappointments, losses and frustrations. Until a light lights up its path. That, dazzling, of rock. Now everything will change. Her look, the girls, the nights, the future ...

At 15, Romain's daily life turns into a disaster film. He is unable to recognize his parents or even his reflection in a mirror ... he has amnesia, help! He decides to compile each episode of his new life in a newspaper, and to embark on a (in) quest for identity. Between his secretive parents, the dazzling Morgana, the enigmatic Adeline, the popular Elias and his calamitous band, he is quickly lost… Lost but not ruined, because one or one of them could well help him in an unexpected way ... What if this new start finally allowed him to live his life?

Etienne, 14, fiddler, as his new friend Elisa would say, is preparing for a big audition. As Christmas approaches, to please his Mamé, he plays a magnificent tango in front of the conquered audience of the retirement home. One of the residents, whom Etienne has nicknamed Furax because of his execrable and aggressive nature, seems more affected than the others by the performance of the young musician. So upset that he reveals to Etienne the existence of the most beautiful violin, a Prince! But this violin is cursed, evil and dangerous. No one should touch it, otherwise it will in turn be caught in the curse. Delirium of a senile man? Putting aside the old man's warnings, the adolescent, driven by his curiosity, steals the instrument ...

Rémi, 15, a lonely boy whose father makes replacements in mental hospitals, has moved nineteen times in ten years. From his interned mother, he kept only ten cassettes which she recorded as a teenager in the 1980s. This time, Rémi landed in a rest center for restorative surgeries. When he arrives, helmet screwed on his ears and portable music player in his pocket, he comes face to face with Sara, a disfigured teenager. Because there are many, in this hospital, young people damaged by life. Sara, Adonis, Clotilde, Maxime, Pascal, Zoé and Millie: seven young people who meet in a hut at the bottom of the garden. And while Rémi has often been alone, he cannot resist the urge to join them. He doesn't want their world to turn without him, he doesn't want to feel as if he had been ejected from this universe. It is time for him to go out and, finally, to get attached.

Teen Award winners since its inception:
2018: Sylvie Allouche, Stabat Murder, Éditions Syros
2017: Claire Loup, Run Billie, Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
2016: Tristan Koëgel, Bluebird, Éditions Didier Jeunesse
2015: Vincent Brunner, Platinum, Flammarion Editions
2014: Nathalie Le Gendre, Listen to my heart beat, Flammarion Editions
2013: Yann Le Quellec & Romain Ronzeau, Love is in the air guitar, Éditions Delcourt
2012: Isabelle Duquesnoy, Constance fiancée de Mozart, Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
2011: Christian Binet, Top of the Range, Dargaud Editions
2010: Paule du Bouchet, Chante Luna, Gallimard Youth Publishing
2009: Reinhard Kleist, Johnny Cash: a life (1932-2003), Éditions Dargaud

The Prix des Ados 2019, in brief:
- 5 students registered against 000 in 3400 and as many books offered by the 2018 Leclerc Cultural Spaces in Normandy!
- 95 establishments in the 5 Normandy departments, from Cherbourg to Fécamp compared to 65 in 2018.
- A varied selection of 4 books talking about music.
- A dozen meetings dedicated to teens during the school day.
- A hundred questions asked of the authors!

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