The Prix des Ados has become an unmissable event for college and high school students from Normandy. Praised by students and teachers alike, discover the keys to the success of the 1er Teen literary prize in Normandy!

© Sandrine Boyer Angel
© Sandrine Boyer Angel
© Sandrine Boyer Angel

Created in 2009, the Prix des Ados is a joint initiative of the E. Leclerc Cultural Spaces of Normandy and the Books & Music Festival. The reading committee devotes its summer to the selection of four books whose common thread is music. From September, classes of 3rd and 2nd register and receive a lot of books offered by Leclerc Cultural Spaces. During the school year, students explore the multiple universes of books and work on the selection, carry out written, video, musical, plastic projects ... then, in March, vote for their favorite book.

During the school day, a large award ceremony for the Prix des Ados, hosted by a literary journalist and alternating debates and musical sets, brings together the authors and 1500 young jurors from all over the region for the occasion. The ceremony for this new edition will take place on Friday April 7, 2017 at 10 a.m. at the CID in Deauville.

The winner receives an endowment of € 1000 and their book benefits from a promotion campaign in all Leclerc Cultural Spaces in France.

Find the latest information on the Prix des Ados by consulting the blog here.

© Sandrine Boyer Angel

The 2017 selection: 4 books inspired by music

(Jungle Editions)
(Editions Acts Sud Papers)
Run billie
(Gallimard Youth Editions)

The fairy of Verdun
(Editions Flammarion Youth)

Son of Russian emigrants, Serge Gainsbourg revolutionized the French variety of the XNUMXs. His deliberately commercial approach, born of his own failure in text song, has upset the codes of popular song. This rage to win his place in a field which was not his will have burned his wings as surely as he will have given us masterpieces. A huge poet drowning his childhood dreams in alcohol, Serge Gainsbourg is one of those men who remind us that the ambiguity of feelings is hopeless. In a college class, the teacher announces an oral question on the subject taught: hip-hop culture. The designated student must cite major works, big names, important dates. Quickly, the practice takes precedence over theory, the student and the teacher begin to rap and the exam turns to clash, to battle, to the graffiti contest.
The evening of their first concert at the legendary Bataclan, the members of the pop-rock group Run Billie are on a cloud. Such glory in such a short time! But just before entering the scene, the dream shatters: Billie, the singer of the group, has vanished. What happened to him? Removal? Suicide? Inspector Luka Prajnic is investigating. JB, Dams and Moosh, the drummer, who went out with her are auditioned, as well as all the entourage of the young woman. Who is Billie really? What was she looking for that success didn't bring her?
"The more she sang, the more the soldiers turned to the stage and began to listen. The magic of music worked: the furry no longer thought of war. They were just happy to be there, to enjoy this peaceful moment. One day, I heard of Nelly Martyl, a singer from the Belle-Époque, now forgotten. So I went looking for him, at the heart of the war. My investigation led me to the icy trenches of Verdun where I could admire the strength of his courage.


Teen Award winners since its inception:
2016: Tristan Koëgel, Bluebird, Editions Didier Jeunesse
2015: Vincent Brunner, Platinum, Flammarion Editions
2014: Nathalie Le Gendre, Listen to my heart beat, Editions Flammarion
2013: Yann Le Quellec & Romain Ronzeau, Love is in the air guitar, Delcourt editions
2012: Isabelle Duquesnoy, Mozart's fiancée Constance, Gallimard Youth Editions
2011: Christian Binet, Top of the line, Dargaud editions
2010: Paule du Bouchet, Sing Luna, Gallimard Youth Editions
2009: Reinhard Kleist, Johnny Cash: a life (1932-2003), Dargaud editions

The Prix des Ados 2017, in brief:
- 2900 registered students and as many books offered by the Leclerc Cultural Spaces!
- 123 classes from 59 establishments in the 5 Normandy departments, from Cherbourg to Fécamp.
- A varied selection of 4 books talking about music
- A dozen meetings dedicated to teens during the school day
- A hundred questions asked of the authors!


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