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Books competing for the Prix de la Ville de Deauville.

© Laurent Lachèvre
© Laurent Lachèvre

Music inspires them in their writings and in their lives. Classical, jazz, rock, world music, whatever, they all have in common an insatiable appetite for notes. Their work was selected for the 2018 edition of the Books & Music award. For fifteen years, the Books & Music Festival of Deauville has explored, thanks to its prize, French literary production and honors contemporary authors for whom music is one of the challenges of creation. After having awarded Frédérique Deghelt in 2017, the winner of the 2018 edition will be unveiled on April 14, during the Festival. The Prize is endowed with € 4.

To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Books & Music Festival, two events are scheduled around the prize. Discover them by clicking here.

The 2018 selection:
Cecile Balavoine, Maestro, Mercure de France
Stephanie Kalfon, Erik Satie's umbrellas, Joëlle Losfeld Editions
Akira Mizubayashi, A thousand-year love, Gallimard
Pascal Quignard, In this garden we loved, Grasset
Eric Reinhardt, The spouses' bedroom, Gallimard
Alexandre Tharaud, Show me your hands, Grasset

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The winning authors since the creation of Books & Music: 

2017: Frédérique Deghelt, Libertango,  Actes Sud editions

2016: Virginie Despentes, Vernon Subutex Vol 2., Grasset editions

2015: Michel Bernard, Ravel's forests, Éditions La Table ronde and Gil by Célia Houdart POL
2014: Gilles Leroy, Nina Simone, Mercure de France Editions
2013: Bruno Le Maire, Absolute music : a rehearsal with Carlos Kleiber, Gallimard editions
2012: Stéphane Héaume, Sheridan Square, editions Threshold and special jury prize to Philippe and Scarlett Reliquet, Listen to Handel, Gallimard editions

2011: Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves, Jacques Offenbach, Éditions Actes Sud

2010: Colette Fellous, For Dalida, Flammarion Editions
2009: Stanislas Merhar, Small poisons, Fayard Editions
2008: Valentine Goby, The escapede, Gallimard Editions
2007: Alain Gerber, Paul Desmond and the feminine side of the world, Fayard Editions
2006 : Jean Echenoz, Ravel, Editions de Minuit
2005: Max Genève, The violinist, Zulma editions
2004: Maxence Firmine, Amazone, Editions Albin Michel