© Sandrine Boyer
© Sandrine Boyer
© Rinko Kawauchi


The creation of this predominantly cultural facility, renews the traditional division of museum-media center-spaces of cultural and associative life. It aims to be innovative in form and in spirit: while respecting the constraints necessary for the viability of each of these entities, the project proposes to merge these different concepts in order to offer visitors a new approach to the cultural world. . An approach which is expressed by the creation of universes. Whatever the medium (books, paintings, photographs, prints, videos, sounds ...) it is the work that counts above all.

Gather and script in a single space the multiple resources on a subject to facilitate exploration and appropriation by everyone. This is the challenge that the project teams have set themselves. Why ? Because Franciscan collections take all forms: from documentary to pictorial masterpiece, from a book to a film, from the testimony of a Deauville to the photography of an artist.

© Naiade Plante
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The thousands of documents acquired by the City have been divided into five multifaceted universes. Visitors will access it in a very innovative way. In principle, the experience could resemble that experienced by a user on the web where you surf from one subject to another. The Franciscans will add a playful, interactive, intuitive script in an environment that is optimal for consultation. Visitors to the Franciscans could, for example, be caught up in a film broadcast on a terminal in the “Mémoire de Deauville” universe, then discover its director and his links with the city. A gateway can bring him naturally to the world of "Show, music, cinema", to find out more about his other films, his career ... the associated directors, he could finally see a second film and stay until late ...

At the Franciscans, visitors will be active, masters of their choice between multiple scenarios, gateways and resources on offer. They will explore at their own pace to build their own knowledge, a walk induced by the collections in a place where one stays, a place that one ends up living in.

At the opening of the Franciscans, five universes will be accessible to the public. Each universe will give access to a digital library which will allow you to borrow documents to take them home. These connected universes will be renewed in their thematic every 4 to 5 years.


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