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Classified Historical Monument in 1970, the buildings of the ancient parish church and of the prior chapel next to it, both built in the 11th century, are found on the hillside of the left bank of the Touques, and are dedicated to Saint-Arnoult. What we usually call “Saint-Arnoult chapel” actually corresponds to two buildings, the prior chapel and the parish church. The two buildings had quite a distinct function and vocation.

The prior chapel, founded in 1061, was under the authority of the monastery of Longpont-sur-Orge (91), where priors were named and sent everywhere in France. This priory is different from other buildings as it wasn’t founded by the Normans. It was a Clunisian Benedictine structure managed by a prior. It was the first Clunisian foundation established in Normandy. The Clunisian Benedictine monks remained on site up to the 13th century. In architectural terms, it reminds the Roman architecture of the Mont-Saint-Michel: it has two levels and includes a crypt (low oratory) and a chapel (high oratory).

The parish church, built before the church, is managed by a parish priest. Though partially in ruins, the church has elements belonging to two architectural periods: the Roman and the Gothic eras. A cemetery surrounded the church up to the beginning of the 19th century.

Several peregrines used to venerate and still venerate the two springs found on this site: the spring dedicated to Saint Arnoult has the shape of a bath and seems to be able to give strength and health to weak children. The source, dedicated to Saint Clair, is known to treat eye impairments.

In addition to the religious appointments, the association of the Amis du Prieuré de Saint Arnoult sur Touque regularly organizes concerts and visits to the priory: see the agenda

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