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Port Deauville - The MarinasPort Deauville by @Patrice Le Bris
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Spread over an area of ​​more than 10 ha, protected by a 770 m long granite block breakwater, this port has a major advantage. On the Normandy coast, where the tides impose their schedules on navigators, it is accessible 16 p.m. per day, while the door openings of the municipal port are reduced to just over 5 hours per tide.

Port-Deauville includes a sluice basin, a floating basin and a tidal basin. Since 2010, most of its infrastructure has been renewed: the pontoons, catways (floating wharves) and electrical terminals have been refurbished, a settling tank that meets the new ecological standards is operational. The hub of port activity, the shipyard is equipped with the most important boat lifting gantry in Lower Normandy, capable of craneing 40-ton boats. Autonomous, alone, he regularly employs around fifteen companies. Boilermakers, electricians, technicians and even divers take turns to provide specific skills. Port-Deauville offers rare services, a human presence is ensured at the lock 24 hours a day and a concierge service provides personalized services: car rental, boat mooring ...

Port Deauville Shipyard, @DelphB
Shops in Port Deauville, @DR
Port services, @Patrice Le Bris

The originality of Port Deauville lies in its architectural program which combines individual housing, organized in duplex and triplex and collective housing. A navigator can thus moor his boat on a pontoon next to his apartment ... The buildings communicate with each other thanks to a network of suspended concrete walkways, like gangways. Jacques Labro and Jean-Jacques Orzoni designed these buildings constructed in 1975. Authors of the Avoriaz station, they were inspired by the constructions aligned on the basin of the port of Honfleur. Signed by the Catalan architect Pancho Ayguavives, the New-Port residence was built in 1992 with its polychrome facades.

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