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Extended on a 10-ha area and delimited by a 770-m granite-block breakwater dyke, this deep-sea port has a major advantage. On the Normand coast, where tides impose their rhythm to sailors, it is accessible 16 hours per day, whereas its elder brother’s lock gates are open for shorter periods, a bit more than 5 hours per day.

In the last five years, most of its facilities have been renovated. Pontoons, catways (floating pontoons) and electric terminals have been completely renovated; a settling tank complying with all new environmental standards is now operational. An investment of € 2.7 million matching the economical ambitions of this place has directly and indirectly created hundreds of jobs. Key element of the port activity, the shipyard is equipped with the most important boat lifting gantry of Basse-Normandie, suitable to lift up to 50-tons-heavy boats. This independent site alone provides jobs for about fifteen companies. Boilermaker, electricians, technicians and even divers collaborate to join their specific competences. “Port-Deauville” proposes rare services, human presence is ensured 24 hours a day and a reception service provides specific services: car rental, boat mooring...

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The originality of Port Deauville lies in its architectural design combining collective and individual housing structured in duplex and triplex. Sailors can moor their boats on the pontoon facing their apartment…House blocks are linked by concrete suspended footbridges. Jacques Labro and Jean-Jacques Orzini designed this structure, built in 1975. Architects of the Avoriaz French mountain resort, they found their inspiration in the aligned buildings facing the Honfleur port basin. Later, Pancho Ayguavives signed the New Port residence, built in 1992 with polychrome façades.

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