If a famous polo tournament exists in France, it is the Coupe d’Or, closing the world championship in Deauville and including top names of international polo. Three tracks, including two “all times” sand-fibre tracks and situated in the middle of the Deauville La Touques racecourse, are available. Tournaments take place every year in August. Polo players often organize demonstration matches on the beach. You may also see them early in the morning riding their horses on the seaside. An incredible view!


©Sandrine Boyer-Engel
©Sandrine Boyer-Engel


In 1892, polo conquered Deauville as confirmed by the creation of the “Polo de Deauville” sport association. In 1907 the club was founded by the Baron Robert de Rothschild, the captain Joubert and the Duke of Gramont. At the time the tracks were already at the heart of the “La Touques” racecourse. When the Coupe d’Or was introduced by François André in 1950, the Polo of Deauville was the only French tournament and one of the three major European tournaments hosting the major polo players of the last sixty years. Since Cibao La Pampa won the First Edition in 1951, most polo leaders, the famous 10-goal handicap players, have been playing polo on the back of their horses in the La Touques racecourse.

Matches are organized from the beginning to the end of August, for 20 to 25 days. The final match is always organized after the horse race of the Grand Prix of Deauville, on the last weekend of August. All matches are commented and explained, often with much humour.


Remise des prix de la coupe des associations 2012 ©Sandrine Boyer-Engel
©Sandrine Boyer-Engel
©Sandrine Boyer-Engel

Calendar of the matches

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18 hectares in the very heart of the city
3 tracks in the middle of the racecourse
2 training sites
1 month of polo, 3 tournaments
25 commented matches
18 teams
300 horses
10,000 people attending each edition
a 650 m2 village
23 partner companies



Created by Evrard de Spa, in collaboration with the Deauville International Polo Club, the environment of the new polo school is extraordinary.
You’ll have the opportunity to play polo all year round through the unique facilities of the International Equestrian Complex and its surroundings.
Indoor polo is played in the large riding arena. Beach polo and grass polo are played in the golf field, situated in the Deauville-La Touques racecourse. From May to September, children and adults, riding ponies or horses, may attend polo lessons to start playing this sport or improve their skills, or even participate in practices or tournaments.

During lessons and training periods, high-quality teaching and essential elements are provided to deal with the grass season. With Evrard de Spa, graduated at the DEJEPS Polo*, Deauville has the school it needed.

Contact :
Evrard de Spa
+33 (0)6 07 99 56 92 -

 *State certificate issued by the Youth and Sport Minister, created under the initiative of the “Fédération Française de Polo” with the support of the “Ecole Nationale d’Equitation”.

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