In 2009, the “Communauté de Communes Cœur Côte Fleurie” decided to create a new establishment to welcome national and international champions: the POM’S (Pôle OMni’Sports), situated in Deauville.

© Naïade Plante
© Sandrine Boyer Engel

It is a perfect place for high-level sports events and a training area for the greatest competitors. It has already welcomed handball, volleyball and basketball France teams, and also world champions of karate. A great variety of activities can be played in the same establishment. Several licence holders have the opportunity to play their favourite sport; students and leisure centres are welcome, as 4 to 6 groups can enter at the same time.

On the ground floor, there’s a 1,296 m² wooden parquet flooring for collective sports, complying with national and international rules. You can also find a 616 m² hall for table tennis, a dojo with a 12m x 13m tatami mat for martial arts, and a boxing hall, also used for muscle strengthening. There are also several cloakrooms and offices used by clubs and associations of the area.

On the first floor, there’s a large public grandstand with 323 seats and a two-part adjustable club house, a watching and waiting area.

The Pom's makes part of a global equipment project also including an outdoor stadium – the Commandant Herbert stadium – where you can find:
- 1 turf football home ground, certified by the Fédération Française de Football
- 2 x 25 m2 cloakrooms complying with the FFF rules
- grandstands with 1,500 places, including 380 seats
- 1 turf training field
- 1 running track (synthetic surface) with 3 lanes
- 1 high jump and long jump track
- 1 velodrome
- 1 clubhouse


It is situated about 500 m away from the Local leisure park.