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The city of Deauville and its hinterland make this triathlon an exceptional place for the practice of triple effort. Here are the highlights of the course:

Swimming at sea
The triathletes will first face the English Channel, a sea swimming part which remains rare in triathlon events. It will therefore be necessary to face the waves as well as the sea currents to be able to continue with cycling, all in water that remains relatively cool, even with a wetsuit.

The Saint-Laurent coast
This is the major difficulty of the course. From the second kilometer, the runners will start to climb a very technical slope, from 2m to 200% on average. It is here that the spectators come in numbers to create an atmosphere worthy of the greatest mountain climbs. The Saint Laurent coast has become over the years a real symbol through its difficulty. On the other hand, it remains particularly appreciated by practitioners, in particular thanks to the atmosphere that reigns there.

The Pays d'Auge
The triathletes will take the hinterland of Deauville, in the countryside of the Pays d'Auge, the opportunity to discover a real postcard setting with its half-timbered houses, stud farms and apple trees, typical of the Normandy region.

The Boards
To end the event in style, the participants will run on the famous boards of Deauville, an atypical way of passing this essential place of the city, to finish on the prestigious Avenue Lucien Barrière, in front of the Normandy Barrière hotel.



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