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Clémence Poésy

President of the Revelation Jury of the 47th American Film Festival

"The close-up is a world - a revealer of souls" Clémence Poésy

In 2014, she was a member of the jury, in 2020 she came to present "Resistance" by Jonathan Jakubowicz, today she seals her loyalty to the Festival by agreeing to chair the Revelation Jury. It will be up to her and her jury to reveal the next great American filmmaker of tomorrow for this 47th edition of the Deauville American Film Festival.

Immersed from childhood in the deep end of cinema, her international career began in England, where she played the Queen of Scotland Marie Stuart in "Gunpowder", "Treason" and "Plot" before becoming, in the eyes of the whole world , Fleur Delacour, the Frenchie of Harry Potter. Between theater, cinema and series, she is distinguished by a multiplicity of roles which make her a now unavoidable actress for both foreign and French directors: Nicolas Pariser, Laetitia Masson, Philippe Ramos, Christopher Nolan, Rupert Everett, Stanley Tucci, Michele Placido, and of course Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache who made her an unforgettable businesswoman in a relationship crisis in the series "En Therapy" ...

It is with naturalness that she goes to the realization. For the Paris Opera, first with "A bout portés" (2016) produced as part of the 3rd scene, then with two short fiction films "Le Roi des Démons et du Vent" (2018) and "Le coup tears "(2019). A fourth film will follow, shot in the fall of 2020.