Villers-sur-mer - Le Villare - April 20 > 22, 2019


In collaboration with the Pôle animations du territoire de Deauville, Smile-Compagnie gathers Playmobil® enthusiast volunteers to create thousands of figurines, vehicles, and bring the benefit of their ingenuity to giant models that will be exhibited for three days!

Both children and adults will be amazed by the unprecedented Playmobil® settings made by the Smile-Compagnie association’s volunteers, most of which resulting from several hundreds hours of hard work.

Fun workshops and activities are organized for children: creation workshop “Create your unique Playmobil® and bring it at home…”, sports fishing, Playmobil® movie projections, tombola with several Playmobil® toys and furniture at stake, customization shows, Playmobil ® new and second had toy sales area.
The Smile-compagnie has been donating the profits to charities helping disabled and sick children for over 5 years. In particular, the construction of a mobile exhibition set is funded by the exhibition organized in Villers-sur-mer. Two giant exhibition sets have already been made by Smile-Compagnie for the R. Debré paediatric Hospital of Paris. This exhibition set will be used in several hospitals to brighten the lives of sick children.