Situated at less than 2 hours from Paris, the airport with its 2550-m track is suitable to manage medium-haul traffic, regular lines, charters, horse airline freight and private aviation.

Aéroport Deauville NormandieDR
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Some more novelties are planned for 2019 from Deauville-Normandie.
Enjoy the sun of Agadir and Santorini for seaside journeys.  Count on more Eastern destinations and amazing journey in Poland and Bulgaria.
If you have loved Agadir in winter, you can visit it again in summer time. A flight per week will be directed there from April to October.  This famous Morocco destination is now connected with Deauville-Normandie all year round, once per week.

And throughout the winter, go to Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), Lanzarote (Canary Islands), Agadir (Morocco) and Sal (Cape Verde).

Balearic Islands, Croatia, Crete, Canary Islands, Sicily, Madeira, Spain, Norway, Czech Republic, Sardinia, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, all destinations here:
Information: +33 (0)2 31 65 65 65

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Horse airline freight at the Deauville Normandie airport

The Deauville-Normandie airport receives every year about one hundred horses:

- horses coming from Ireland and England going to the Deauville racecourse to participate to summer races;
- brood mares and their foals going back to local stud farms after a stay in America or in Britain.

The Deauville airport is approved as Border inspection post of the equestrian sector, suitable for receiving horses coming from non-Schengen countries under the Departmental directorate for the protection of populations (ex. veterinary services) since the beginning of July 2013.

The Deauville airport is equipped with:
- a checkpoint and an area of temporary horse transit area with 10 horse boxes,
- an access ramp for horses, suitable for Boeing 737 and Airbus A310 units.

The Deauville flying club


The Deauville flying club or “ACDEAUVILLE” offers you a wide range of aeronautic activities, especially including flight training on different planes (simple or more complicated) and first flights to discover the region from the air…you'll discover for 30 minutes the Seine Bay, the Normandy Bridge with an experienced pilot of the club, for profession or passion, flying on this area all year round.


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