Planches Contact

A citywide festival

Margot Wallard

A festival of photographic creations, Planches Contact presents the work of photographers invited to Deauville for a residency, in order to match their photographic universe with the town. From October 21, the exhibitions open their doors and are displayed in giant format throughout the town until January 7: in the streets, on the beach, at the pier, in the courtyard of the small and large basins...


At Les Franciscaines



A place of life and culture, Les Franciscaines invites photographers from the Planches Contact festival to settle in and take possession of the premises. This is the gathering place for the festival, where the program will take place - screenings, meetings, awards ceremony and 25th hour competition - in addition to the eleven exhibitions below.

In the Cloister, The Anonymous Project's astonishing Memory Fall can be seen alongside Olivier Goy's exhibition.

In the Cour des Expositions, the works of the young photographers competing to win the Tremplin Jeunes talents were brought together: Ousmane Goïta, Julia Lê, Carlo Lombardi, Isabelle Scotta and Sidonie Van Den Driesselected following a call for entries. The winner will be announced on the opening weekend of the Festival.

Max Pam 's retrospective and residency work are also on show, alongside those of Margot Wallard, Salvatore Puglia and Matt Wilson, andOlivier Culmann's second part.

Finally, all the images from the 25th Longines Hour competition will be on display. Amateur and professional photographers alike can enter the competition for a chance to win one of the prizes up for grabs.

Young Talent Springboard


At the Point of View


Two artists invited for creative residencies exhibit their work at Point de Vue. The surprising exhibition by "cult" underground Italian artist Jacopo Benassi rubs shoulders with that of Jean-François Spricigo, whose collaboration with the Conservatoire du Littoral inspired a series of paintings.

The photo4food foundation, whose mission is to finance meals for the underprivileged through the sale of photographs, has invited five photographers to deliver an original work on Normandy. Their photographs will be sold for the benefit of the Côte Fleurie Red Cross during the inaugural weekend. Exhibitions by Carline Bourdelas, Thomas Jorion and Julien Mignot can be viewed at Point de Vue.

With the photo4food foundation


Au petit Bassin


Also on show at Point de Vue, Jean-François Spricigo 's exhibition continues at the Petit Bassin with a series of paintings inspired by flora and fauna, with the writing and sensitivity that have become his signature style, always balancing between documentation and poetry. For this series, Jean-François Spricigo spent winter and spring surveying the protected coasts of Normandy.

Jean-François Spricigo


Grand Bassin and swimming pool


Elina Brotherus revisits Normandy's architectural heritage and landscape through the presence of the characters she plays. She photographs emblematic spaces, bringing a quiet human presence to them.


On the beach


This year's major exhibition on the beach at Deauville brings together two photographers who never had time to meet - Robert Doisneau, who left on April 1, 1994, and Malick Sidibé, who came to Paris for the first time in January 1995 - but who could have been great friends!

The five artists of the photo4food foundation are also taking over the beach. Photographs by Carline Bourdelas, Benjamin Decoin, Thomas Jorion, Sandra Matamoros and Julien Mignot will be on display along the Planches. 

The bathing cabins will be adorned with photographs by The Anonymous Project, once again invited to take over Deauville with sensitive or funny family photos. Also to be admired along Les Planches and, twice, punctuating the Avenue Lucien Barrière.

Guest project


Around the Bassin Morny, to the pier


Omar Victor Diop 's works can be discovered in an original scenography, along the Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie and on the water in the Bassin Morny.

Richard Pak's work, which resonates with the environment, is installed on the promenade, facing the Bassin Morny. 

At L'embarcadère, Luca Boffi 's monumental installation invites viewers to take a fresh look at their surroundings through a suspended space created by a sequence of large photographs printed on semi-transparent fabric.

Guests in creative residency


All over town


Exhibitions at the Planches Contact festival take the form of an open-air route through the town, taking over different locations to showcase all types of Deauville architecture, such as La Chatonnière, a 1920s house converted to host exhibitions, which housesOlivier Culmann 's exhibition shared with the Salle des Fêtes.

In front of the Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy***** and Square François André,Elina Brotherus ' "Silent Lives" series decorates the urban space with tranquil landscapes inhabited by a silent presence.

Omar Victor Diop 's winter strolls around Deauville continue at Place Yves Saint-Laurent, as he approaches the Louis Vuitton boutique, where Éditions has just published his work.

Finally, the "Gone with the wind" project, by The Anonymous Project collection, which has a strong presence on the waterfront, extends to the POM'S traffic circle on the outskirts of the station.



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