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DEAUVILLE> October 17 to January 3

Festival of photographic creations, Planche (s) Contact presents the work of invited photographers in residence in Deauville to match their photographic universe with the city. Year after year, the festival arouses and combines the glances of recognized photographers, emerging photographers and young talents.

Since its foundation in 1860, Deauville has lent itself to the play of looks and discoveries. The Seeberger Brothers, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Roger Schall, Willy Rizzo, Robert Capa, Emeric Feher, Gisèle Freund, Henri Cartier Bresson, the photographers of Magnum, Robert Doisneau, Peter Lindbergh and the greatest fashion photographers browsed it with curiosity and photographed it with inspiration. In order to continue the portrait of the city, to write new pages of the cultural history of Deauville and to constitute an original collection, Deauville decides to create in 2010 a photography festival, Planche (s) contact. Photography settles in Deauville between music, literature and cinema and finds its purpose: to place an order each year for photographers who will come to look at the city and expose their own vision of Deauville.

Five "sections" structure the festival program: the invited photographers, the springboard for young talents, the carte blanche, the monumental exhibition on the beach, the off with other passionate views of the city. The work carried out is done through sharing and dialogue with the inhabitants who give the photographers the keys to their city. Some embark on their passion, others guide them, many have already asked. Everyone, on D-Day, comes to see how photographers from all over the world perceive and reproduce their life and the memory of their city in pictures.

The Festival program also includes meetings including the photo contest of the 25th Longines hour, which takes over the city during the transition to winter time, workshops, masterclasses, portfolio readings, round tables, educational workshops ...


Programming in progress.