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May 15th
Philippe Augier, Mayor of Deauville and President of France Congrès et Evènements, participated yesterday morning by videoconference to the 5th Interministerial Tourism Committee (CIT). Every six months, this Council brings together around the Prime Minister the Ministers of the government concerned with tourism, local authorities and professionals, to take stock of the main advances in the sector and the obstacles that remain to be lifted. Philippe Augier has been a member of this college of experts since its creation in July 2017, invited by the Prime Minister for his commitment and his functions in the service of French tourism.

> Establishment of a tourism plan unprecedented of 18 billion.

> Tourism companies will be able to continue to use partial unemployment under the same conditions as today at least until the end of September 2020. Beyond that, partial unemployment will remain open to them if their activity resumes too slowly.

> France will mobilize a € 1,3 billion equity investment plan, which will generate private investments for a total of around 7 billion euros funding.

> Subject to the evolution of the epidemic and possible localized restrictions, French people can go on vacation in France and overseas in July and August.

> The reopening date for coffee shops will be set in the week of May 25. A reopening on June 2 may be considered in departments classified as green if the evolution of the epidemic does not deteriorate.

> The daily ceiling for restaurant tickets will be increased from € 19 to € 38. Their use will also be authorized on weekends and public holidays, in restaurants.

> A support platform for tourism professionals is set up to allow each company to identify the different types of aid it can benefit from:
Consult the press kit of the 5th Interministerial Tourism Committee