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The Pilates method is a physical exercise system developed at the beginning of the 500th century by a passionate person for sport and the human body, Joseph Pilates. This method is a mixture of stretching, breathing and strength, all gently to better work the muscles in depth. Its objective is to act on both the body and the mind: it reduces pain thanks to deep muscle strengthening; it tones, refines and softens by stretching and firming the muscles; it improves the breath thanks to the work on the breathing; it relaxes and helps to fight against physical and mental stress; it helps to recover thanks to postural work. There are more than XNUMX exercises.

© Fabrice Rambert

At the Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy

Every day except Tuesday.

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At the Marine Cures of Trouville-sur-mer

Monday to Sunday morning.

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At the Deauville Thalasso by Algotherm

Monday to Saturday.

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With ASTD Karate

Tai-Chi-Chuan and Qi-Qong lessons

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art called "internal" often reduced to a gymnastics of health which has for object the work of energy called chi. Qi Qong, traditional Chinese gymnastics and the science of breathing based on knowledge and mastery of vital energy, combines slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration. Lessons every Thursday outside school holidays at 19 p.m. at Pom's.