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Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2016

Born in Italy and adopted in Paris, Gilda Piersanti, novelist and screenwriter, writes in French. She is the author of a series of black novels located in Rome, published in pocket format, translated abroad and adapted for television by the France 2 channel: "The Deadly Seasons".

With The Links of Silence, in the footsteps of a new hero, the young journalist Lorenzo Cortese, Gilda Piersanti immerses the reader in the highly romantic meanders of the Calabrian mafia.


She will be present:

Sun April 17 / 14:30 p.m. - Villa Le Cercle - Italy Program in Deauville
Meeting with Marcello Fois & Gilda Piersanti
The black novel and the detective novel are two genres in which Italy has established itself. The Giallo established itself in the Peninsula from the middle of the XNUMXth century with representatives such as Giorgio Scerbanenco. A tradition still alive today of which Marcello Fois and Gilda Piersanti are worthy heirs.